Friday, October 19, 2012

Amalgamated Classic Vintage and Dry Goods

Hey Readers!

I just got back from an awesome visit with a friend! And no the vintage shopping did not make it awesome, the company sure did. A shout out to Layton who made my day awesome! :)

Yes they did my transaction for the vintage goods with that cash register. ;) Thats so cool! 

Shelly has a great selection of men's and women's apparel and other vintage goods. 

I could not get over how much selection they had! 

The Men's Side of the store and you can see the dressing rooms back there too. They were very nice for trying on their amazing vintage peices which ranged from the 10' till the 60' and 70'. 

Me'ns shoes

Women's lovely shoes! I wish I could have afforded a pair. ;)

The women's clothing lined the whole right side of the store and two more racks in the middle of the store too! 

Their bags are so cute! I want her hat. :)

The red beaded necklace I bought. Its perfect for the dress I will be taking pictures of me in for the Doctor Who blog party. ;) Surprises surprises! 

The tag on the black dress I bought for the doctor who blog party which looks a lot like a dress I think River Song would totally sport.

I hope you all enjoyed and do pop into Shelly's store if you are in Alexandria, VA. They have a website,  facebook page , tumblr and twitter page. Their pictures are great on their tumblr and fb page and their customer service in store was amazing! I talked to Shelly a good 20-30 minutes and she even took me in the back where she had just gotten some new stock to show me some earlier pieces she had just bought. Thanks for the best vintage shopping experience yet!

God bless!


Miss Virginia said...

It looks and sounds positively marvelous!! We'll have to plan a shopping trip. ;)

Rebecca Ann said...

Ginny I thought of you the whole time I was going to the store, in the store, all day!!! It is the perfect place for us to have a fun outing. :) It would be perfect to make a day of it, as I could not look at everything in the short time I was there. We could even get dinner and go swing dancing after that! That would be a heck of a day, but really fun.