Wednesday, October 24, 2012

River Song Inspired Outfit of the Day

Hey Ya'll! This outfit is inspired by the infamous RiverSong and no I don't want to be like her in regards to her role/personality in the Doctor Who tv show. :) I just wanted to clear that up! I could say a lot about what I don't like about her character but I will refrain. ;)

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I decided I would not do jeans on the bottom because I just did not feel like jeans. :) I paired the top and jacket with black instead. And yes I did not have a gun or a holster so the photo above might be kind of lame, but whatever. :) My dad said after the fact of me taking these pictures I could use his hand gun for pictures in the future. :) I will be posting pictures with the gun and another RiverSong inspired outfit Saturday. So be on the look out! 

The Denim jacket- thrifted
black skirt- thrifted
white blouse- thrifted
black boots- Payless
watch necklace- gift from Hannah S.
black beaded necklace- gift from Mum

See you all around  and be sure to participate or read all the posts for the doctor who blog party! Check it all out at Ashley's blog and Natasha's blog!

Rebecca Ann


Danielle Pajak said...

I did not like RiverSong either, not at all! Haha. I dislike her more than Martha. I felt she was just too smug of a character, and I don't like her connection with the Doctor. I do not know what happens in the newer seasons, but I kind of don't want to know! Haha. Is she worse or better in the new season?

Your outfit is awesome, though, and that will be great when you pose with a handgun! Can't wait to see that!

Rebecca Ann said...

Yes she gets worse in my opinion in the later episodes. Braise yourself!
There are elements of her character I really like, such as her relationship with the Ponds, but her relationship with the Doctor is pretty messed up. I agree!

Yeah I am excited to pose with my dads hand gun tomorrow hopefully. Pray it does not rain!

God bless,

Danielle Pajak said...

Oh no! :/ Haha. That is highly unfortunate. I don't even know what exactly their relationship is like. I just remember her from the Silence in the Library episodes and she seemed to know all this stuff about the Doctor. Whatever it was, I didn't like it. Hehe.

Will you be posting the hang gun pic soon?

Rebecca Ann said...

Yeah RiverSong does not have character qualities I would want to emulate, but her relationship with the doctor and the ponds is very important for the show to work.

Yeah I have not even done a photoshoot yet with the hand gun. I am sorry! I said in a recent post I was delayed because of the hurricane stormy weather here in VA. We are getting smashed by bad weather and I could not do the photos outside. I promise to get them though when we have better weather hopefully tomorrow or maybe over the weekend. So they will have to be late. I did wear the dress to church and i wish I had gotten pictures then. I promise to have them up at least by next week.


Danielle Pajak said...

That is quite all right. When I realized about the hurricane I figured it was storming and you couldn't do it. Whenever you are able to get the pics up, that will be awesome! Hehe!

Yes, I figured RiverSong's character was essential to the plot, and that is one of the other reasons why I didn't want to watch the new Doctor. Hehe. The relationship between Amy and Rory sounded very sweet, though. Maybe I will watch the series one day. :)

Anonymous said...

It looks really great!!!!! Good job!