Friday, October 5, 2012

Williamsburg Trip Part 2

 Starting our day the 2nd day we decided we would dress vintage inspired. I am wearing a vintage 1950s house dress and Ginny  on the left is wearing some 1940s inspired jeans she made herself. Isn't she a genius!!? They look so vintage and comfy to wear and they still look majorly feminine compared to modern jeans. Don't you think?

Our first stop was the working farm where we saw the farmers using the oxen to till their field.

The beautiful colonial garden was too fun to take photos of! I did not even include hardly any of them, I took so many. :)

My parents above as we walked to the colonial village. They are such godly parents! Yes they are sinners, but I praise God for them and how God provided them for me as godly counsel and friends.

The weaver was very interesting. You can see the shuttle below which they used when they would weave. The paper on the inside is actually either a piece of news paper or a playing card. Which apparently they did often to wind the thread onto.

The weaver/ spinner was very informative and she did such  great job telling us the history of weaving and spinning and the like. The looms in there were huge! Wish we owned one. :)

Carding materials and some fibers in a basket below.

Spinning the flax I believe or is it wool? I can't remember. Ginny?

Another of their many gardens.

 Lovely Ginny, here is full view of her outfit.

At lunch we did not even plan it, but we looked so vintage drinking root beer and cherry soda. :)

The Shoe maker, yes He is not the cobbler. And no he does not make ladies shoes apparently.

The Book bindery was pretty awesome! I never knew until I visited Williamsburg how they made books back then.

The Wig makers shop seen above was very informative and the lady on the right was perfect with her irish accent. I loved her 1st person persona. :)

We all got to play the harpsichord in the Cabinet Makers shop. Yes they also made harpsichords apparently. They even were making one the day we visited in the shop.

The Carpenters shop from the outside above and the stream below that goes underneath the house.


The inside of the carpenters sop was pretty impressive.

My parents

The Brick yard was interesting. :) They asked us if we wanted to help stomp the clay for making bricks, but I said no as I did not want to ruin my vintage dress. I guess I did not want to get dirty. Sorry guys! 

We found the sign above on the drink fountain quite amusing. :)

Lastly the jail sells of Colonial Williamsburg above and my Dad and I had fun below posing for this picture. :)

I hope you all enjoy! God bless,

Rebecca Ann


Ana Smith said...

That looks like so much fun! Especially the book binding and the harpsichord. I've always wanted to learn simple crafty binding. That's so exciting to play on a harpsichord, I would love getting to play Bach on one. :-D

Miss Virginia said...

I believe she said it was wool. ;) The flax fibers are the ones that tear the skin, right? Ick. XP

I loved looking through these two posts and being able to share the trip with my family. Thanks for posting the photos! :)


Rebecca Ann said...

Ana yes it sure was fun! It was such a blessing to get a break from life up here in the crazy part of VA which = northern va. :)

Yes it was awesome to play the harpsicord!

Ginny I am glad you could share them with your family. Definitely let me know if you want more photos, because I can upload them to Picasa or you.


Miss Virginia said...

Whatever you've got would be great :) I forgot to tell you, I love your new blog background and header! Too cute! And the lace is so pretty!


Rebecca Ann said...

I will be sure to upload all the photos to picasa when I can then. Oh thanks! I thought it was fun and after you told me about shabby blogs I had to try one out! I love love love it. :)

Anonymous said...

Wow. what a really beautiful place!!!!!!! Goodness.

Rebecca Ann said...

Victoria yes It sure was beautiful! I absolutely adore that city. :)