Saturday, October 6, 2012

I Got the Sun In The Morning

Yes I am posting for the second time today because I am that cool. ;) I had to share a music video of me singing for once since I never seem to. Enjoy! yes I am not perfect, I am not a professional, and please keep the criticism and critiques positive and encouraging. Thanks!

God bless! I love to sing so please don't crush me with rude remarks if you don't like my interpretation of the song. Thanks! Just say your suggestions for how to improve my singing, not just saying you are terrible and thats it. ;)



Stephanie Ann said...


Ana Smith said...

Lovely song! So cheery! :-)

Rebecca Ann said...

thanks all!


Anonymous said...

Very musical-like, but seems to not have the best rhythm . . . a little all over the place, but your voice is gorgeous. It is not a song I'd want to hear on a regular basis, is what I mean. I never heard it before though, so I don't know what it really even sounds like. I hope this comment doesn't upset you. I'd think that with a voice like yours, a more challenging song would be amazing because you amaze me. Wish I had power in my voice like you have.

Rebecca Ann said...

Victoria no I am glad to have constructive criticism from you! My teacher thought similar about this peice that I should pick something harder. I am working another song called Let There Be Peace On Earth that i may choose to sing for the exam instead. Like you said the broadway song is not very big on range but I love acting it out as opposed to having to concentrate a lot on hitting big notes. We shall see which one I pick. <3 thanks for your positive thoughts! I really appreciate it tons . :) rebecca