Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Doctor/Martha Inspired OOTD

I realized that my outfit of the day inspiration for the black peacoat/trench was from the actor Matt Smith from his real life wardrobe. :) Oh well! I really like his sense of style and the coat is pretty awesome. It reminds me of something Sherlock would wear. :) Anybody out there like Sherlock? I love that show too.

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I feel stupid and silly thinking Martha wears ethnic clothing! ;) Maybe she does in one episode where I believe they are in India. I just could not find any pictures or screen shots of the outfit I was remembering in my head. Oh well! I still wanted to share this outfit because I love it and it was fun to wear. I hope the blog party is fun and all the whovians are getting their fill of doctorness. ;)

Rebecca Ann

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