Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Second-hand Fashion Week Day 4

Hey everyone!

Its been a long and prosperous day at the Stricker house hold. We have had lots of productivity in the morning, such as reading, piano and voice practicing, getting ready for graduation and details about that going on, I finished the movie "Our Mutual Friend", and we had a family friend over for supper and an evening of lots of ironing sharpening iron. It was a great day! God is good.
Today I added a silk ribbon to my normal hair style, I also tend to put half of it back with a clip, but today I decided to do something different. This silk was a remnant from the dress length I have for a silk dress for civil war reenacting. So in the somewhat distant future it will be a whole dress. I love the color! My outfit consists of a a-line skirt that is made out of a scarlet cotten fabric. I made this skirt as one of my first sewing projects a few years ago. I am guessing I paid $10.00 for the fabric. It was on sale of course at Joann. My blouse was thrifted at a local thrift shop called Penny Wise that is run by a church here in my hometown. I have not been there in over a year, but I used to frequent it more often a while ago. I paid only $2.50 I think for this brown three quarter sleeve blouse! Its one of my favorite tops. I love the bohemian feel of the style. Not the greatest the pictures today, as I did them all with the self timer. Oh well! Also I thought I would share with you all my finished children's/teen crocheted afghan I finished on tuesday. I love the colors and I am so glad to finally have finished this beauty. I used all remnants of yarn from past projects that I had left over. I love the random colors.
This photo below I thought would show you all the trim best. I used a pattern for the trim from a book I have called " 50 different crocheted afghan trims" and I love the variety of choices in it! I have only used it for 2 afghans so far. But its a great resource for ideas for trim!

Well God bless and I hope you all sleep well and have a great start to the new day tomorrow! I am so enjoying seeing everyone's outfits for the different days. I have not commented a lot as I have not had time today to comment as much. But great outfits ladies! Looking forward to tomorrow!

In Christ,



Atlanta said...

Cute! I love the blouse especially!

AMAZINGLY cute afghan! I adore it. Thanks for being an inspiration to a beginning crochet-er.

the W. family said...

What a lovely afghan! I like how you used up remnants of yarn from other projects! :)


Melanie said...

I have enjoyed seeing the different otufits you've chosen for Secondhand Fashion Week so far!

How did you like "Our Mutual Friend"? I really liked it (except for a couple parts), but I'm not sure anyone else in my family cared for the movie too much... my mom does NOT like it at all. :-) I love the storyline and most of the characters though!

SinginginHisName said...

thank you everyone! I am so glad to be an inspiration to others in the dress and crocheting departments. I used to hardly dress in a feminine way or crochet at all. So being able to now help others after being helped by blogs and friends is a great feeling!

melanie I did like our mutual friend, I guess its not a movie to really lift your spirits and uplift you until the end. But I still liked it, but I did not like the storyline with Mr. Headstone the headmaster of the school! He was horrible! I was shocked at his role in the story with Lizzie and Eugene! But if that was not there it would not have been as interesting I guess.

I have to say its not a family movie and it was hard to follow at first as Dickens movies are usually hard to follow. But other than that I did like it a lot! :)

Beth Ann said...

Very lovely. :) Oh, I just watched Our Mutual Friend recently as well, yes, the Mr. Headstone part was almost overplayed I thought (but of course I haven't read the book), great film. :)

silent_librarian said...

Yay! Our Mutual Friend! I *love* that movie. Yeah, it is kind of confusing at first, but watch it a second time some day and you will get even more out of it. *sigh* Mr. Headstone is a pretty shocking part of the film, but in all his nasty-demented glory he was a good villain. He was overdone, but I think it fits to the part he had to play. I love Eugene and Lizzie's story, but John and Bella were simply adorable as well. Dickens is one weird author, though, that is all I have to say. ;-)

Anyway, lovely outfit and wonderful crochet job on your afghan! That is some amazing crotchet skills! :-)

Oh! And I have to say I just love your piano and piano room! Look at that chandelier! :-O

Amanda Flynn said...

Nice! I really like that top and the ribbon in your hair is lovely. :)

Melanie said...

I agree, Bradley Headstone is hideous, and I wouldn't consider "Our Mutual Friend" to be a family film either. My mom fast-forwarded a couple parts, and I had to close my eyes when it showed the dead people... :-S

I LOVE the John and Bella storyline though, and I love Lizzy, and I love how Eugene changes in the end. I am planning on reading the book very soon.

SinginginHisName said...

Yes Dickens has some great characters in this one! But I too had to close my eyes when they showed dead people! I love John and Bella and Lizzy and Eugene's stories as well! :)

I am just not sure Dickens is something I want to watch or read, I have not read Dickens believe it or not because many of my friends have told me how dark it is and that he has a underlining tone of socialist government. I will have to find out I guess for myself, I plan to read A Tale of Two Cities really soon.