Saturday, March 13, 2010

Working towards a room make-over

Hello everyone!

I have been pondering and brain storming the new theme for my bed room. I have wanted to redo it for a while now and now I am finally getting around to starting to gradually change it. The theme is light blue, blue, and navy and white. My inspiration was from these pillows and cushions my sister made for me for my birthday last year. We use them on our deck furniture in the summer and I use them on top of my hope chest for extra seating through out the year. Even my antique music and civil war hood are inspiring me to change the colors to blue, navy, and light blue! hehe! blue is everywhere, but the green walls are still here! I am not sure when I will be able to repaint yet. The furniture must go first. Right now I have the new desk that is my mothers that she is letting me use next to the old desk, until it is sold. But I love dark wood furniture and my hope chest and dresser are also dark wood. So the theme will be blues, white, and dark wood. It makes me happy! :) This is the other side of my room. I do not like it anymore. I am in the process of getting rid of this furniture. I have a nice regular bed and white head board in our garage that will replace this loft bed and a desk that will also replace the old desk.

The old furniture and I will post after pictures when I get my old bed back into my room.

You may be wondering what some things are that I have been up to lately. Well I have been in the process of selling some furniture that I don't like as much anymore and putting old furniture back into my room. Here is a picture of my room before I sold my chair and now I am in the process of selling my loft bed, desk, and filing cabinet. My mother is giving me her old desk and her old chair, which my sister and I are going to reaploster.
So the lounge chair in the corner underneath the loft bed was sold yesterday. Today I had some inquiries about the loft bed and filing cabinet. I am selling these furniture peices on craig's list. Its like a yard sale, except its on the internet. It has been so easy and I am pleased that the Lord has allowed me to change the sytle of my room. I have become a more traditional and girly person in the last 5 years. Contemporary in furniture does not describe my style anymore. So I am excited to change it.

I also found a blue and white lamp at the thrift store that goes well with the new theme I think. I never really had a theme and it always looked ver eclectic as my sister says. So now that I have colors and everything I can't wait to see it all come together.
I love the little delicate blue flowers painted on it! It was only $10.00 and it works better than the lamp that broke a few weeks ago I used to have.

You can also see the ugly green walls! I do not like it at all!!! So I will be changing the walls to my favorite color- light blue! I just finished my new curtains for the new room today. I love the way they turned out! And all the fabric for them was free! The white was curtains before that I cut up and then I put the blue floral on each end of the old curtains to go with the new blue theme. I love it! You can see the detail of the floral below. This was the theme for my 18th birthday party last year. My sister made a table cloth out of this fabric. Now I turned it into curtains.

So yes that is what I have been up to and I will give more updates when I finally move the old furniture out and the other bed in and get it painted. I am not sure when this will happen as I am waiting for the furniture to sell and our family is so busy. So have a great weekend and God bless! I hope I have inspired to make your homes a haven.

In Christ,



Miss Virginia said...

Becca I love your theme! Blue and white always look so crisp and fresh together, you will have a very "breezy" room! If you need help painting don't hesitate to ask, I would love to come over & help! :P


SinginginHisName said...

Ginny thank you!

I hope my new room is crisp and breezy when its done!!! I would love to have your help painting! I was going to ask another friend to help me, but she is too busy on the weekends I want to do it. I will have to take you up on your offer soon. I am thinking april is looking more promising right now. But I will have to email you and let you know when I sell furniture and then I can start paiting. miss you and see you soon!

Miss Virginia said...

Sounds great! :) Miss you too!

Johanna said...

Hello there! I just found your blog! and I can tell I am going to love it! I can also tell we are a lot alike! I like to sew, sing, I play piano and I love to dress up and go to civil war reenactment! Infact, I made my first civil war ball gown last summer!

Well I am now your follower! Please come and check out my blog sometime, An Old-Fashioned Girl. Right now I am hosting a Giveaway, so come on over and enter soon!

Your Loving Sister in our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ,


silent_librarian said...

Hey! I haven't been on blogger much so I need to catch up on reading! I wanted to respond to your comment on my Alice in Wonderland post. I am glad it inspired you to go see the movie! I mean in some ways I guess it could be considered creepy, it is Tim Burton afterall, but there was still a playfulness about it and the characters are so loveable! As for the inappropriate content, no there isn't any. I like how they keep Alice very pure, though naive, throughout the movie. She reacts in disgust towards her cousin/sister's husband's tete e tete as well as the Knave's trying to "seduce" her, which both are just brief moments in the film. I think you should enjoy the film. I definitely want to go see it again. :)

Anyway, I love your ideas for your new room! I love shades of blue and I love dark furniture, which I have both of in my own room! So I greatly approve. *thumbs up* Hehe! Good deal on that pretty lamp too! I can't wait to see it all furnished! Looking forward to the pics! ;)

SinginginHisName said...

Johanna thanks for commenting and I love your blog as well! great posts and very encouraging!

Danielle thank you again for the review and telling me about any questionable content. thats great to know there is not much! I can't wait to go and see it. I am glad Alice stays pure through out the movie. :)

Yes I will definately post pictures after my room is painted and redone. I am thinking that won't happen till sometime in april unfortunately though.