Monday, March 29, 2010

Second-Hand Fashion Week Days 1 and 2

Hello everyone!

This week Amanda Beth over at Amanda Beth Online is hosting a fashion week that is all about using thrifted, frugal, and hand-me-down clothing for your wardrobe and being modest, beautiful, and feminine at the same time. Of course I said I want to do that! I already do that! So here is another outfit made out of mostly thrifted items that I found at local thrift stores and goodwill. My thrift is fushia and is from a small thrift store in Purcellville, VA. I only paid $5.00

My brown favorite skirt of all time!!! It was only $5.00 at the local thrift store here near Falls Church, VA called the Unique Thrift store. I also bought my 1930's/40's style shoes there for only $9.00!!! I was so happy to find both of these, which I had been wanting and had prayed to the Lord when I went into the store," Lord if it be your will help me find new brown 1930'sish shoes and a brown skirt that I can wear often." It happened! The Lord blesses us when he sees fit.

My hat is from Kohl's and though not thrifted it was only $15.00 on sale after christmas this past year!

The fitted jacket I am wearing in this last picture was also a thrift store find from the Unique Thrift store in Falls Church, VA. The Unique store was found out for our family from another family and it is even bigger than some goodwill I have been to! It can be dangerous! But this jacket is 100% merino wool and was brand new!! I only paid $10.00 for it! I love that it has the light blue thread going through the plaid pattern. I wear a light blue tank top under my pink shirt to tye in with the jacket and I love how the fushia pops that way! :)
Ok so I could get the whole outfit with the shirt, jacket, skirt, and heels for $29.00, but with the hat it totals about 45 dollars total. I love being frugal! I can't imagine paying more for this outfit at the mall with everything brand new and not on sale! eeeek!!
In short! I just love these peices and it was a blessing to find them last fall and they will be used for many years to come! I love dressing in a classic feminine manner.

This is today's outfit. We have had some companky for the weekend and today from out of town. We had a great time visiting and discussing many different things! So I put on one of my favorite new finds! A new to me jean skirt a friend of mine found and showed to me at a thrift store a few weeks ago! It was only $5.00 and I love all the material at the bottom how its such a full skirt! It reminds me of my civil war skirts since it so much fabric. :)

The white tank I used for layering is from wal-mart and it was a great price while not used. Only $3.00 I think. My button down blouse that reminds me of april cornell was sewn by my dear sister and the fabric used to make it is a light dusty blue floral and it was on sale as well! I don't remember how much the fabric cost, but the buttons were free from a friends stash.
So this outfit cost about a total of $18.00, if we say the fabric for the blouse was $10.00, under shirt $3.00, and the skirt was $5.00. Now that I can do! :)
So in the end, I just love thrifting and finding bargains that you can wear and still be feminine and modest! Have a great week everyone with your outfits being put together and seeing each others fashiony ideas.
Thank you to Amanda again for putting this great thing on!!
In Christ,


Ashley Nicole said...

Lovely outfits Rebecca, as usual! And I have the hat you are wearing. In fact, I wore it to London. :)

Addie said...

I love your outfits, Rebecca! My family and I enjoy shopping for second-hand clothes at thrift shops and second-hand stores. :-)

You've inspired me to post about my thrift store outfits! Thanks!


SinginginHisName said...

Thank you Ashley and Addie! I love both of your thrifty outfits as well! This has been so much fun so far to see everyone's outfits and think of new combos to wear of my thrifted finds! :)


Beth Ann said...

Hello hello! :) Just saw your link on Amandabeth's site and thought I'd take a peek. ;) Really love that brown and purple outfit, and the hat makes it so complete. :) Glad you are in the challenge! God bless.

Anonymous said...

I really like both of your outfits!


SinginginHisName said...

Thank you both Beth and Samantha! I am having so much fun dressing femininely and frugally! :)

Atlanta said...

Great outfits! The fushia outfit is to die for! The shoes - hat -jacket - the shoes! (I really love those shoes!)


Amanda Flynn said...

Ooh... nice! I am totally in love with those adorable brown shoes! Yumm... :)

SinginginHisName said...

I absolutly love my shoes too!!! They were really a providential find!!! :)

in a world of my own said...

I love your jean skirt! It looks so comfy!

silent_librarian said...

I love whenever you do fashion-week because you have such nice clothes and for so cheap! :) I have to say that I *love* your jacket! Oh my gosh, you look like someone from the 30s or 40s! Then you have the shoes and the hat! Old-fashioned! I don't wear those types of shoes (it is usually always warm weather over here in Arizona)but when I buy those shoes I want 30s and 40s ones just like you. I will have no less! And hopefully I will be able to find them not so expensive, but I am not such a smart trendy shopper such as yourself. I don't have the patience for it. It is my mom who is the shopper in my family, and she buys all my clothes. Haha!

Anyway, fun! Can't wait to see what other outfits you come up with!

SinginginHisName said...

thank you both! I had so much fun putting together my outfit! I love the 30's and 40's and so this outfit says that!

I am afraid that my other outfits for the week will not be so fancy though, as I am home most of the time. But I will still look pretty, as a friend of mine says being pretty while doing work makes the work even more enjoyable! :)

Danielle yes I do have a facebook, althogh it may be hard to find you. I will try to find you later today. God bless!

silent_librarian said...

My name is Danielle Pajak and my picture is an illustration of a princess cuddling with her knight! Haha! If you can't find me maybe I will be able to find you?

I agree with your friend! I am one of those girls who would wear pearls while vacuuming. ;-P