Tuesday, March 23, 2010

sewing project complete, reading, listening, and other happenings....

Hello everyone!

Currently, I have been reading a lot of books when I have some spare minutes in my day. I love reading, but when I was a child I did not as much as I do now. I loved to listen to others read to me, but I did not read by myself very much. Now I love it! I have read both Pride and Prejudice and Sense and Sensibility among Jane Austen's classics this past year and now I wanted to read the most melancholy I have heard of all her works, Persuasion! I love it! Its witty, melancholy, and just heart-wrenching all in one novel! I had never read Brian Jaques before and I love it! This is the first of 3 in a series and its a great book so far, and I plan to finish it before April comes around! I am about 3/4 of the way done. I love it so far, its a great boyish adventure. I think it would be a great book for Lord willing future sons to read and to recommend to other older siblings and parents and sons and daughters to read together. Very interesting mystery!Today my wonderful and dear friend Jenn gave me a late christmas gift, the book intitled," A Heart for God" by Sinclair Ferguson. I had never heard of the author, but after reading the first chapter this morning I think I will be able to glean a lot of wisdom from how this author teaches about the Word. My Bible is next to it in this picture. Gotta love it! Also, my friend Jenn also let my sister and I borrow this wonderful audio CD from Vision forum. I recommend it highly! Scott Brown hit is on the nail on how to prevent and get rid of gossip in the church. I listened to it all the way through last saturday and I plan to listen to it again.I also have been drinking a lot of tea lately! In case you are wondering, its Earl Grey that I drink mostly, but I also love other black teas, such as english breakfast. I think Beth and I's trip to England last September made me love tea even more! I guess it helps with all the stress and craziness of life. Not really! But its a comfort drink for me! But God is the ultimate Comforter. :)
I love this book and I love John Piper, I have read only a hand full of his books, but every time I glean so much and the Lord teaches me much! This book is a light in a culture that is the opposite of Biblical manhood and womanhood.

Here is the book I quoted from yesterday! I love it! My mom bought it at an antique store of course. Great read! I think maybe I should republish it someday! Maybe it is already!?

I thought I would share with you some projects that are going on this week and last!

My granny square afghan I told you about last week is coming towards completion. I have only 3 more strips to make and then I can put them together!

I have been so busy lately, but I wanted to share with you a long over due project that I had cut out 2 months ago I am unhappy to say. Finally, this weekend I finished this lovely spring/summer night gown just in time for the warm winter. I had wanted to get it done back in January when I had cut it out, but it got pushed back on my list of to-do's. On sunday afternoon I finished the buttons and button holes being put onto the bodice and here it is! I had the inspiration to sit down and finish it, because two friends of ours had come over to sew with Beth and I wanted to sew along with them. Hence, the inspiration to get another project completed!

I used the same Simplicity pattern that I used back in January for my flannel, white and red floral night gown for winter and fall. This time I used the same view A with, but instead of short sleeves and ruffles on the sleeve, I used the same bodice and skirt, but I used the long sleeve from the robe for the sleeve with no elastic. I like the way it turned out for spring! The fabric was on the clearance at Joanne last fall and I think I only paid around $14.00 for the whole project not counting how much I paid for this pattern many years ago.

I just had to use this lavendar trim that matched the little flowers perfectly from Beth and I's stash of vintage trims!!! I trimmed the bottom with some lace that was from an old sheet we used to make petticoats out of for civil war reenacting. We had the lace left over and it was just enough for the bottom of my new spring night gown!
I also trimmed the bodice closure with the same lavendar trim!

All the buttons, trim, and lace were free! I love old ladies who have lots of notions they are giving away! That is where Beth and I have gotten a lot of our notions. Its sad it they can't or don't sew anymore, but its great to help the new generation be able to do so!
And there it is hanging on my wall, while I stand proud of my now able hands that are can actually sew a project by myself!!! Its a mile stone for me! I had prayed since I was a little girl that I would be able to sew when I grew up and its happened! I still can't believe it! God is good!!!

I wanted a feminine option besides my comfy PJ pants and t-shirt, although I still wear those sometimes too. But I am trying to have a nice Pajama wardrobe that is feminine and modest just like my day-wear wardrobe.

God bless and have a wonderful week everyone! Praise the Lord from who all blessings flow!

In Christ,



Homestead Momma said...

My oldest son read "Castaways of the Flying Dutchman" several years ago and really liked it. I think he also read the 2nd in the series. He's read quite a few of the "Redwall" books by Brian Jaques as well.


SinginginHisName said...

Glad to hear he enjoys this author. Two friends of mine who are girls and 2 friends that are boys both recommended the series to me. So I had heard great reviews on his literature!

Ashley Nicole said...

Your nightgown looks great Rebecca! I love your choice of colors and trims. =)

Kyleian said...

I left a comment on your sister's blog, but sometimes with those themes on blogger my comments don't show up, so I wanted to leave it on your blog as well.

"What's the best fabric to use for dresses? I made the 1914 Titanic Tea Dress from Sense and Sensibility patterns last year, and used a plan poly-cotton blend. Now I'm wanting to work on a dress that needs a print am clueless as to what to use - cotton wrinkles so easily!"

And, by the way, I love the Castaways series! :)

silent_librarian said...

This is a post full of awesomeness! Haha! I greatly admire your reading list! My sister as Recovering Biblical Manhood and Womanhood and I have read a couple of essays in it, but that is a THICK and deeply theological book. Those types of books are always full of the real meat of God's Word. I hope to also read Persuasion. I have it, but I have never actually read it, so I shall soon remedy that!

Oh yay! A Tea-lover! I *love* tea! I drink all kinds of green and black teas. Have you ever heard of/drank Black Currant? Or Chocolate Mint? There are so many varieties of tea! I also love chai tea as well!

Congratulations on finishing your nightgown. It looks very feminine and nice! I also intend to make some nightgowns myself, because I really don't like wearing pajamas. Not that they aren't comfortable, but a girl has to look beautiful even when she is sleeping. ;) Good job!

SinginginHisName said...

Kyleian, I am sorry to say that I have no idea what print would be appropriate for the edwardian time period. My sister and I have only researched the periods of the american civil war(1860's), colonial/american revolution(1770's), and the Regency/Napolianic wars(1800-1812), so I can't answer your question.

But I am sure many ladies at the Sense and Sensibility message forum could! Jennie and all the ladies over there research all of that stuff and you could ask them for help with an appropriate fabric. It is over here if you have not seen it on Jennie's website before. http://forums.sensibility.com/

i strongly recommend being apart of her forum! I have gotten lots of info on sewing questions, as well as made new friends! So getting an account there would be beneficial all around.

Glad to have heard from you and God bless Kyleian!

Danielle, I am so glad that you loved the post! I hoped that it would be inspirational and encouraging to others! Yes Biblical manhood and womanhood is highly emmersed in the scriptures and I love it! Its a heavy read, but it has been revealing a lot and reminding me a lot of God's ordained roles for us as men and women.

I totally recommend Persuasion! I love it! Its funny as I said and its a little melancholy! So far its great! I will have to tell more when I am done about how I like it!

Tea is so wonderful! I have not heard of any of those, but I want to try green tea! I hear its great! A friend of mine says she only drinks green tea and loves it!

Thank you as well for the compliments on the night gown! I now am on a sewing marathon again! I cut out a mock-up today for a new summer shirt dress and I am excited and tomorrow hopefully I will put it together and friday start on some cushions for our dining room chairs! The cushions are 22 years old! My parents have had them since their marriage, so my sister and I plan to make new ones for them in time for easter! I can't wait to get started!

God bless and I hope your sewing endeavors as well are blessed and turn out wonderfull! As I am sure they will! I love being pretty in my night gowns as well! :)

Mia said...

Lovely post!
Congrats on your sewing project, I need to get sewing now!! :)


SinginginHisName said...

Thanks Mia!! I need to get sewing as well! So much to do, as usual.

Madeline said...

Congrats on finishing the nightgown! And now I can't wait to read Castaways - remember you said you'd let me borrow it! ;D BTW, is there a book you'd like to borrow from me while you're at it? Have you read Jane Eyre yet? You could even borrow Isle of Swords, which is a really funny pirate adventure that I have. I don't know if you'd like it or not, but I love it. It is really entertaining.

Anyway, in other news, I tagged you. =D Go to http://thestuffundermybed.blogspot.com/2010/03/ive-been-tagged.html to see what you have to do.

Amanda Flynn said...

Hi Rebecca! I just want to let you know that you have won the Rolled Canvas Giveaway over at AmandaBeth! :) Please email me at amandabethboutique{at}gmail.com so that I can pass along your name and email address to the sponsor and you can receive your prize. Congratulations - I hope you enjoy it! :)

SinginginHisName said...

Amanda thank you for holding the wonderful giveaway and fashion week! I have been so happy to participate. I will be posting pictures soon! I will email you asap! God bless!

silent_librarian said...

Yeah! Green Tea is really good. I don't like all types of Green Tea, but for the most part it is good. With Green Tea I heard people either love it or hate it. Certain Green Teas are an acquired taste. However, if you have Green tea that is mixed with something like coconut or mango, YUM! It is SO good! It is like heaven in your teacup! Haha!

That is so cool about making new cushions for your parents. 22 years would be a long time to have cushions! I know they will love them. :)

Whenever you finish Persuasion just pop a message over! Which, I am curious, do you have a Facebook by any chance? It is a good way for people to keep in touch. ;)

Btw, I posted a blog that has pictures of my French New Testament that you wanted to see. I also have other pictures of random stuff. :)

silent_librarian said...

I sent that other post too early, before I could say thank you for your blessings and wishes in regards to my sewing projects! :D I can't wait to start working on them!