Monday, March 8, 2010

Thrifty finds

Dear readers,

I thought I would share with you all my finds from this past saturday going to some thrift stores, boutiques, and antique stores for the next few days. I have a lot of things I have found, so I will be posting a few each day.

This post is about three wardrobe staples I found at two used clothing boutiques in downtown Fredricksburg, Va, with my sister, and mother, and two dear friends.
This first peice is a Ann Taylor Loft blouse that is quite unique and is just about brand new!! My friend pulled it off the rack and yes Becca you must try this! its so cute! So I did and it fit perfectly, like it was made for me. :) It was only $8.00 for this little dear. That is a lot more than I normally pay for a blouse, but this one was practically new and I loved it. It has a self fabric waste band and I just love the black dots! its the perfect blouse for spring.
I loved the little button on each sleeve!

This next blouse as described by both of my dear friends, sister, and mother, is definately me because its dramatic! Life is a stage as my sister tells me. But its usually better to be the audience.

She ended up being marked down at only a $6.00 steal! I was suprised. I think this was a God send as my other white blouses are so old and not as white as they used to be.

I wore this beauty yesterday, as my choir was singing at a local church for the first time in this new spring season. I needed a new white blouse for it desperately! As my old two had holes in them and were dreadfully stained and pilling badly. So this one did the trick, it was loved by a few other gals in my alto section. :) I love the sleeves! At first I thought it was too much like a costume, but now I love it and think its a great twist on a plain white blouse. Just enough to be different, but still uniform with the rest of the choir.

This next item was a suprise! Ok I will admit this is now my 5th denim skirt in my wardrobe. * smiles and then shrugs* Yes I love jean skirts and I don't need this new one, but it was so pretty and only $8.00. I am wearing it today and I wore it yesterday after church as well. Its just so pretty. Its not your typical straight jean skirt. Its fun and fluffy at the bottom. :)

I love the ruffly bottom and its just so fun to wear. It makes me feel like a lady and it is not a frumpy jean skirt.

Well until next time, I will be sharing with you some sheet music and music books that date all the way back I believe until 1907!!! I was so excited to get a hold of these from an antique store, as well as some books that are not that old, but used and great finds as well. Coming probably tomorrow or wednesday. Until then God bless and have a great week worshipping Him!
In Christ,

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Ashley Nicole said...

Oh! I love what you found Rebecca! It is all so cute! Miss you!!!