Monday, March 1, 2010

A Cheery Apron

Hey everyone!

Last month in february, I made this apron out of some fabric I loved, but did not know what to do with. So here is the finished project and oh my march is here! This new apron is something I needed and I use a lot around here at my house. I added this picture today as I was working around the house in my new apron. You can see the detail of the 3 pockets better. I love the deep pockets for my pen, notebook of Bible verses, and other things. I also had just enough of this fabric to squeeze this apron out of it and I had just enough of the blue bias tape to finish the apron. It was a great stash busting project!

Detail of the floral! The yellow and blue is so cheery and I love wearing this apron for cooking, cleaning, and just because its pretty. I used a 1950's pattern that my sister bought online. I just loved this fabric and I was on a sewing craze until the end of this month I have not been sewing as much. I have a pile of projects to get back to work on later this week. A skirt in the works, a skirt that needs mending, chair cushions to start making, and new curtains for my room to all sew. So many projects and so little time! I have been working on a granny square blanket yesterday and today as well while memorizing Bible verses in spanish. I love making simple crochet project like a blanket. Its so relaxing! Hope everyone has a great day, I ended up not being able to get the Molly hairstyle tutorial done because of some unexpected events and circumstances in my life right now. But I plan to do it sometime in the future. I will be posting pictures of the style later this week. But probably not a tutorial anytime soon.




Kristi McInerney said...

so pretty, i love it!

Ashley Nicole said...

It turned out lovely, Rebecca! I love the style, fabric, color, well you get the idea. :)

Stephanie said...

How pretty! An apron is one of the first things I hope to learn to sew. :)

SinginginHisName said...

thank you everyone! I always love your style too Ashley!

Yes Stephanie an apron was one of my first projects too! Now I can whip them up in no time! praise the Lord! I still can't believe I can sew. :)