Monday, March 22, 2010

The Clear Vision and other quotes

The Clear Vision

"Break forth, my lips, in praise, and own
the wiser love severly kind;
Since, richer for its chastening grown,
I see, whereas I once was blind.
The world, O Father, hath not wronged
With loss the life by thee prolonged;
But still, with every added year,
More beautiful thy works appear.

As thou hast made the world without;
Make thou more fair my world within;
Shine through its lingering clouds of doubt;
Rebuke its haunting shapes of sin;
Fill, brief or long, my granted span
Of life with love to thee and man;
Strike when thou wilt the hour of rest,
But let my last days be my best."

-by John Greenleaf Whittier, from the book, " Poems With Power To Strengthen the Soul", compiled by James Mudge

Serve God and Be Cheerful

Serve God and be cheerful. Make brighter
The brightness that falls to thy lot;
The rare, or the daily sent, blessing
Profane not with gloom or with doubt.

Serve God and be cheerful. Each sorrow
Is- with thy will in God's- for the best.
O'er the cloud hands the rainbow. Tomorrow
Will see the blue sky in the west.

Serve God and be cheerful. Look-upward!
God's countenance scatters the bloom;
And the soft summer light of his jeaven
Sjome over the cross and the tomb.

Serve God and be cheerful. The wrinkles
of age we may take with a smile;
But the wrinkles of faithless forboding
Are the crow's feet of Beelzebud's guile.

Serve God and be cheerful. The winter
Rolls round to the beautiful spring.
And o'er the green grace of the snowdrift
The nest-building robins sing.

Serve God and be cheerful. Live nobly,
Do right, and do good. Make the best
Of the gifts and the work put before you,
And to God without fear leave the rest."

by William Newell, also from "Poems With the Power To Strengthen the Soul"

I decided to bold the lines that stood out to me the most when I read these poems this morning. I had not read this wonder volume of poetry for months and I see why I missed reading! Its so encouraging and I hope you all get encouragement and conviction through these little poems. God bless and have a wonderful day being cheerful in the Lord and doing His will!

In Christ,
* All photos curteosy of Lindsey W. and they may only be used with permission from my Rebecca Ann. Thanks! *

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