Friday, April 2, 2010

Second-hand fashion week Day 5

Hey everyone!

Sorry this was not posted yesterday! I got a lot of things accomplished yesterday! More than I had actually thought I would get done by God's strength! It was a great day of accomplishment and no disasters that I can think of. The only disaster was probably my outfit. I changed twice, as I could not decide on that perfect outfit. Yes I Rebecca Ann had one of those days where I did not feel like I wore that winning outfit!

Anyway here is the outfit I decided on after 2 trys.
But I realized that it should not be our looks or our own "self confidence"that spurs us on to be diligent with our time. I knew this already, but God reminded me of it! It should be Him we have confidence in! As today is Good Friday I am reminded of His sacrifice and I am excited to post my outfit that today is a "winner" in my eyes for the evening service. But it is Him I have confidence in! How could I not trust Him who died for me?!

My outfit is made up of a sweater that is from target that my sister passed to me. My white staple for my wardrobe t-shirt is from Kohls and was only $5.00 or so. My skirt is from New Creation apparel and I love it! I paid only $18.00 for this pretty skirt and I wear it hardly at all actually. So today I pulled out some peices that I don't usually reach for, but in the end I was happy. I love the embroidery on the skirt!

So only one hand-me-down item today! But the sweater makes the flowers on the skirt pop!

God bless and I will be doing another post soon for today's outfit!



Ashley Nicole said...

I love it Rebecca! You look very nice in it. :)

Addie said...

I love your sweater! It’s so feminine—actually it reminds me of a regency top.  Beautiful outfit!


Amanda Flynn said...

That little sweater shrug is so adorable! Love the color, too! I want it. ;)