Saturday, April 24, 2010

A Singer's main goals by Spicker

"The singer must be guided by his intelligence and his will; the more he is able to master, the more intelligent will his vocal interpretation become, totally eschewing all artifically or unnatural "forcing". A singer ought never to overstrain the natural power of his voice, but must always husband his strength. Only when the strongest emotion or most voilent passion is to be protrayed, or height of dramatic effort is to be reached, should he display the entire natural power of the voice." - by Max Spicker New York, January, 1896

this passage in the Spicker book of exercises really encouraged me in my vocal studies this week. I have also been reading about the diophram as well as the other muscles used for singing and breathing. It is so interesting and enlightening! I pray that the Lord will help me to use my voice for His glory alone and that I will be able to set forth my passion and love for the Lord through my singing no matter the peice I am singing.

God bless,
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silent_librarian said...

That is a beautiful quote about singing. I love whenever you get someone who describes a form of art in such a way that both inspires and presents the quintessential idea of that said art form. Lovely!

SinginginHisName said...

I love it too! therefore I posted it! I love posting quotes when I find good ones! :)

Luci said...

What a beautiful quotation. Thanks for sharing! :)