Monday, April 26, 2010

Latest Projects

Hello everyone!

I thought I would share some of my latest sewing projects. I am not much of a seamstress as most of you know! But I am starting to love it and wanting to be able to sewing clothing for myself and my family now. It is such a practical skill! So I sewed up a night gown for a dear friends birthday last week. I purchased the fabric at walmart a long while ago, but I loved it and its her favorite color! Blue!!

I used my favorite and one and only night gown pattern! But I made up the sleeves! I cut out the long sleeve and shortened it to be 3 quarter sleeves and I love the way that turned out! She loved it when I gave it to her on saturday! I am happy with it as well! My sister Beth did the button holes on the machine for me though, the machine hates me when it comes to button holes! Don't ask me why!!!

There it is before I wrapped it up and all!

My favorite part of making it was the gathers at the top of each sleeve! I love that effect!!

On saturday we celebrated my friend Jennifers birthday and I wore another scarf I had made on friday in about 15 minutes!!! I was able to go to Joanne on thursday after my choir class at PHC and I was so happy to find the end of a bolt of this beautiful flowy fabric!

Here is the scarf below with the rest of my fabric finds! I love the purple and the blue combo of the flowers in the scarf material! It was fun to wear going on nature trails at a lovely park with my sister, father, and friend Jennifer.

I also bought that wonderful cotten heavier weight fabric and the yellow floral for a night gown. Yes another winter night gown for next winter!!! :) It was only 4 dollars a yard and I could not resist. The purple scarf fabric was only about 5 dollars for the whole yard and the blue fabric was 12 dollars for all 2 yards of that 60 inch wide fabric. I plan to use the blue patterned fabric for a gored circle skirt! I love love love it! Light blue is my favorite color!!

I have also been working on my first quilt that I ever cut out and I never finished. My great grandmother helped me get started with sewing when my sister and I were only about 9 and 10 years old. So sewing was not totally foreign to me because of her and my sister. Now I love quilting!! My sister has been teaching me more and I am loving it. I am almost done quilting this quilt top! I will post pictures once I can get around to finishing it while watching John Adams mini series with my family later this week. Its a great little lap quilt perfect for sewing in the car or while watching a movie. :) A close up of the beautiful flannel for a new night gown next year! I also love yellow!!

The vintage pattern my sister has and is willing to let me borrow to make my light blue circle skirt!!! I am so exciting to possibly cut it out later this week once I get more school done and a shirt dress mock up complete!

Now this is a spring project I hope to get around to! But I do not know when. I love this red floral and can't wait to make it into this thrifted pattern my sister found a few years ago. I plan to make the one that is second from the left.

This silk fabric above I have made a great belt out of this striped silk already for civil war accessory with my striped dress, but I want to make that pointed belt I told you all about here. I also have a bow that I wear often with my day dress as well. So I want to make a belt that looks like the one in this picture below in time for the Fourth of July celebration in Gettysburg this summer.

So Lord willing I can get that done sometime soon!

The dress at the bottom left corner is the shirt dress mock up I am planning on working in the coming weeks. I have the mock up cut out and ready to be made and messed with to get it to fit me well. So Lord willing I can show you all that soon! I am using the fabric for my fashion fabric below! Its from walmart from a few years ago and I just love the light blue and purple! Of course my favorite color combo! can you tell!?

I can't wait to dig into this project!!! Its been on my list for spring/summer for my modern wardrobe for a while now!

God bless and no I will not have these projects in the works all of them right away! But its fun to dream and figure out what I will be sewing in the future months!

In Christ,


Stephanie Ann said...

Your projects are all very pretty. The night Gown is sewn so well. I love that CDV, it is very similar to a dress I own. I really like your blog.

Miss Virginia said...

Wow, Becca! It looks like you have really been bitten by the sewing bug. :P I can't wait to see how your projects turn out! I love the shirtdress and the circle skirt. :D


SinginginHisName said...

thank you Stephanie and Ginny!

Yes stephanie I own a dress that is a yoked bodice similar to the CDV as well! I love it! You can see pictures over at my sisters blog Diary of a seamstress.

Ginny yes I can't wait to make the shirt dress and circle skirt! I think I would love to either have lived in the 1950's or 1900's if I wanted to live in the 20th century. :)

FoundinFlowers said...

You have so many projects to work on! I don't have any ongoing projects right now. I have some ideas, but I haven't started on anything yet. Have fun sewing!

SinginginHisName said...

thanks! Yes there was a time when I never had any projects going, but this new year I have been wanting to sew and have been very eager! By Gods grace I have little by little gotten more confidence sewing. I am so excited to sew more tomorrow!

silent_librarian said...

That is an immense amount of sewing projects! How fun and how blessed you are that you are able to get all that fabric and have the time to do everything. I have two sewing projects planned for this summer, and I will be lucky if I complete them. Tsk tsk.

I love your fabric choices, btw. Blue is my favorite color as well, but that yellow and pink floral is gorgeous. The flowers look Polish to me. I love Polish european designs.

Wonderful job on your friend's nightgown! Beautiful. I have actually seen that fabric when I was helping my sister choose one for her own nightgown. That was one of them we were looking at, but she went with something darker. Anyway, you are becoming a wonderful seamstress!

I can't wait to see your 50s skirt! I love those skirts!

SinginginHisName said...

thanks for the encouragement Danielle! I am trying to get better at my sewing skills!!! I don't know if I am really that great of a seamstress though. we shall see after this shirt dress mock up! I am determined to divide and conquer this crazy complicated pattern!!! Its kind of confusing right now. I am have the mock starting to look like shirt dress! Hopefully it will become a great mock up and look like it should! :)

I also cut out my new circle skirt last night and my new sizzors do cut like butter through the fabric! Oh it was so much fun! Cutting is one of my favorite parts of sewing btw! love hearing from you and more posts coming soon!