Friday, April 2, 2010

Second-hand Fashion Week Day 6

Hey everyone!
Todays outfit the sweater is thrifted from the Unique Thrift store and it was only $5.00!!! My sister found it in the sweater section and I was ecstatic because its my favorite clothing brand Ann Taylor Loft!!!!
The skirt is not thrifted, but it was from one of my favorite discount stores called Ross for only $10.00 last summer. Yes this is not the same boho skirt I wore on monday! :)I own two! I know it horrible! You can see the earrings a friend made for me above! I wear these earrings with everything! Even outfits with no purple in them!! They also are supposed to be for civil war reenacting, but I wear them with everything! thank you Emma W! Your talents are much appreciated! The necklace was a gift from my aunt and uncle and I love it! Purple is one of my favorite colors to wear! can you tell!?

So this is the winner outfit of the whole week I believe! I have not worn this sweater or skirt since last summer and fall! I love it! My hair also looks so much better after a wash! :) My brown shirt is from target and it was $12.00 and my shoes are from my favorite shoe warehouse, Off Broadway! I love them! You can see close ups of them here. The total for this outfit without my shoes would be $27.00, which I don't think is that bad considering how much I could have paid for Ann Taylor and the skirt at its original store! :)
I have posted about them when I did week in feminine dress over at Mrs. Chancey's forum. I love doing these fashion weeks! They are so much fun! I will have to think of my last outfit for tomorrow!! I can't believe its almost over!
God bless and have a great Good Friday remembering His mercy and sacrifice for us! Jesus Christ the Savior of the world!
In Christ,
Rebecca Ann


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Melanie said...

What a lovely ensamble! I love love love the skirt, and I love the sweater too!! :-D All so adorable! :-D

Gabrielle Renee said...

Rebecca, I am going to have to take all your clothes from you! :P I LOVE this outfit (as I do all the others!!!).

Anonymous said...

Very pretty skirt!

SinginginHisName said...

thanks everyone! :)

I wore this for easter sunday today, my casual outfit I am wearing for the evening will be posted tomorrow.

silent_librarian said...

I saw these last week and wanted to say that I love your earrings! Your friend is very talented. It is hard to see the details in the shadows, but I can see why you wear them all the time. ;-) Beautiful!