Sunday, January 1, 2012

Song Writing Progress People!

hey friends!

I have been writing up a storm today, I had finished the melody line for my first song I wrote over a year about a month ago, but I have been finalizing it today. I am still changing around notes and lyrics to make it perfect and I wrote the piano part today as well. God is good! He has brought me to the stage where I can hear a melody in my head and figure it out on the piano. A year ago I could not do that, so His grace is so good to me! So if you all don't hear from me a lot its because I am playing around with my new toy I got for Christmas Finale Songwriter 2010. Its a great program if you are writing music and want to create lead sheets and MP3's of your music. Oh and by the way this photo was taken with my new Ipod touch I also got for Christmas. I am so excited that I can take photos with it as well as listen to music! So don't worry I will keep you updated on my songwriting progress. Maybe I will even do a video of me singing and playing a finished song in the future. I can't wait what the Lord holds in store for this new year! May God bless you all as you pursue Him!

In Christ,


Miss Virginia said...

That is AWESOME and I am so excited for you Becca!!! Happy New Year!!!!!!!


Victoria / Justice Pirate said...

that is really amazing and takes a lot of work. Hope you record it so we can all hear it!!