Wednesday, January 4, 2012

A new gadget and fun projects

 Hey everyone! So I am the blessed new owner of an ipod touch! Yes I am so excited and am amazed at this little gadget, I keep having to tell myself to back away from it more than not, but its much better than my ipod mini from 2008 that died recently. I am happy to have this!
 I made a crocheted temporary case for it before my otter case came in the mail from today. I think I will still use the cute crocheted case just for fun when its not in use. I am loving this otter case! Its my favorite color and its definately going to keep my new gadget from getting broken I think. Thanks to my dear friend who told me about this great new case! I am definately not tech savy and had no idea it existed. It was $30.00 of my Christmas money well spent. :)

 I just finished this scarf for my grandmother, yes better late than never. It was to supposed to be her Christmas gift and it still is, but its not getting in the mail till tomorrow. There was so much going on I did not get it done till today. I love the way it turned out! I am not sure its easy to tell, but I strung glass clear beads on the yarn and put them into my crocheted handiwork randomly. She saw me make a scarf similar to this one for some friends for Christmas years ago and loved it. So I made her one too. :)

 I thought I would model it for you all too. :)
My music stand today, I was working on my concone exercises and The Lass With the Delicate Air, which I sang for my vocal exam in December as well as a new song I love called The Lord is My Shepard. I adore that song! Its so comforting to sing and beautiful. I will post more photos of my song writing progress and some other music I am working on soon.

In Christ,

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