Monday, January 2, 2012

Featured in Girlhood Home Companion

Hello friends!
Yes we have been awefully busy but I have not gotten around to telling you all till now the great news! My sister Bethany and I are our 3 friends Lindsey , Stephanie ,and  Ginny were featured in the magazine Girlhood Home Companion for their December issue. Bethany and I carted a Christmas tree, chairs, and many decorations to an old house near our friends from around 1730 and we took pictures for a Little Women photoshoot. We all were protraying the March sisters for the issue in our Civil War attire. All photography was done by our friend Lindsey and is all her work. Please do swing by the website here and have a look. I wish this magazine existed when myself and my sister were girls. I am so glad for the girls of this generation though who are pursuing Christ that will be encouraged by it.
And many thanks to Jill Novak the owner of the magazine for this opportunity and many thanks to Lindsey our amazing photographer! We could not have done this without the both of you.

In Christ,


Alyssa W. said...

How exciting Rebecca!! You ladies look so sweet! :)

Victoria / Justice Pirate said...

That's so cool!! I never heard of this magazine!!

Vicki said...

Wow, Rebecca, that's terrific! That must have been so much fun! :-)

Happy New Year to you, my friend!

Love in Christ,