Saturday, January 21, 2012

Life and hair care video

Hi everyone! It took me 2 hours to upload this so I hope you love this video!! :) I am glad it finally worked. :) I am hoping this video is informative on natural hair care for curly girls and you are encouraged by my life update.
If you have any questions about my hair or the changes the Lord has brought forth in my life please comment below or email me at
God bless!


BrielleCostumes said...

Hello Rebecca,
It was fun to watch your video! I was listening to it while I was sewing.

I don't have curly hair...but I really need to try this method more. I did it for about a month and my hair hated it, so I think I messed it up somehow. lol. I am going to try it again though. I have long straight we shall see. :)

Blessings and have an awesome day!

Rebecca Ann said...

Brielle glad you enjoyed it! :) I have done some other posts about natural hair care so please do look under the natural hair care tag and see my links in other posts to other websites where you can get more information about all hair types. :)

Glad to hear from you! I love comments. :) You have an awesome evening as well!


Ashleigh said...

Great video! I wash my hair with baking soda, and then do an apple cider vinegar rinse. I thought the apple cider vinegar would make my hair smell bad, but thankfully it doesn't.

I actually have a "No Poo" video on Youtube. I should probably post it on my blog too.

Thank you for the verse and encouragement. 2011 was a rough year for me as well, but praising God that to everything there is a season.

Stephanie Ann said...

Me gusta tu pelo rizado! El video fue muy divertido.

Allison said...

Hi Rebecca! Do you put the essential oil in your baking soda/water mixture? If so, how many drops do you put in it?? I've been using this method for a while but could never figure out where and how much essential oil to use.


Rebecca Ann said...

Allison that is something I forgot to put in the video I guess. Thought I said I put in a few drops, but I guess not. :) I tend to put in how ever much I feel like, there is no science. So put in as much as you want for the strongness of fragrance you want. I am guessing that I put in about 5-10 drops depending on what I feel like and depending on the scent. Lavendar probably 8-10 because its not that strong to me and orange I probably do 5-6 because its not that strong. But that is just what I like to do. :) Hope that helps!

Thanks for commenting and listening! :)

God bless

Melanie said...

Dear Rebecca,

I love that verse--the Lord has taught me so much about laying anxiety at His feet within the past two months especially...thanks for sharing about the hair care hair is not as curly as yours, but it is not naturally completely straight either, so I will have to try and see what works. :)
I know that if you are able to post videos of you singing/songs you've written I would love to see them! :)

Blessings on your day,

The Grove Family said...

Hi Rebecca,
It was fun to hear your voice. It's been too long since we've gotten together.
At the moment we're trying Biokleen natural shampoo, and that's worked a lot better for us than baking soda.. or hair soap... and everything else we've tried. :)
much love to you!

Bethany Lynn said...

I had fun watching this :D Good job, sista!

Lady Kara said...

Hi Rebecca!

I've been wanting to make a natural shampoo for some time. I'm definitely going to try the baking soda/essential oil/water combination. When I wear my hair curly, I too find that just leaving conditioner in leaves it much softer, and the curls more defined than with gels or sprays. I enjoyed watching your video! Would love to see more!

God bless,

Lady Kara