Tuesday, August 17, 2010

My favorite outfit right now and busyness

Hey everyone!

I promised that I would post about my $1.00 dress, but I changed my mind and decided to post the outfit I wore today. Yes, I am a gal and tend to change my mind! But do not be in despair you shall see the $1.00 dress tomorrow Lord willing as I am going to wear it tomorrow. :)

So without further or do here is my outfit that I wore making apple sauce and apple butter with my mother and sister, mopped and vacumed the house, as well as sewed some more of my wool civil war dress; while I listened to The Hiding Place with my two favorite gals. I also studied John Lockes The reasonableness of Christianity and journaled in my England trip photo album that my mother put together for my sister and I. Its been a full day! My daddy also took us out to eat before he leaves for his uncles funeral tomorrow. I will miss him until he comes back sunday.
My outfit consists of a grey top I bought at the BJ's warehouse! You heard that right I bought this top when we were buying our groceries. They actually have some great tops there. :) It was $10.00.
My yellow layering tank was from kohls a few years ago for probably $5.00 or so. I can't remember, but I do use it almost weekly believe it or not. Its goes with a lot of my tops even though its yellow.
My yellow necklace was a graduation present from my neighbors. They are so sweet and its one of my new favorite peices to wear!

My jean skirt is the same one I posted about here and it was only $8.00 at the thrift store. I wear this one almost all the time. Its a staple in my wardrobe now. Its not too casual and not too fancy. I would wear this to church and still feel dressed up! I love it! So all in all my whole outfit except my Bible sandals was about $23.00 with tax. That sounds expensive, but here in northern VA that is cheap and I bought it all on sale and at the local thrift store.

Now you may be wondering why I said the total of my outfit except for my Bible sandals. Well I believe that they do not count since I wear them with almost every single outfit I own. They were only $23.00 to be exact with grad money from friends. So I say that each day if I count that day for $1.00 and its been more than $23.00 and I have worn them for about 2 months almost every day they were not as expensive as it might seem as I did not have to spend a penny since they were a gift. if you get what I am saying. They were not bought with money from my pocket therefore I am not including it in what I spent for my outfit. So the outfit is about $21.00 dollars. This is one of my more expensive ones, since I don't normally spend $10.00 on a top unless its really pretty such as this one I am wearing above. :)
Tomorrow my dress will be the cheapest outfit I own at only $1.05 from the West Virginia thrift store near my grandparents house. It was a bargain and its so pretty!!!

We have been canning apple sauce and apple butter yesterday and today. I will post pictures of some finished jars soon. We always go to our local orchard every august and get 6 buckets of apples and 5 buckets of peaches to freeze for pie fillings and can to make butters and jams. So its a ritual in our house if you want to call it that. :) I love it and it saves us money, not so much time, but its all worth it. Jar photos coming soon. God bless and have a wonderful happy wednesday tomorrow!

In Christ,



Stephanie Ann said...

Mmmmm apple butter. How delicious. We only get that once a year!

Bonnie said...

That outfit is so cute, I love it!!! Esp the necklace :)