Tuesday, August 3, 2010

4th of July living history event

Hello everyone!

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I know I have been absent from the blog world for about a month now! :) But its been a busy time and here is a little of what my life was like at the beginning of July. My family and reenacting group went to Gettysburg Pennsylvania for the annual 4th of July celebration. So we set up our camp thursday and stayed until sunday night. It was until monday, but we were so tired we left early since my dad needed work monday anywho. So here are the adventures of the Stricker family doing living history of the civil war with our friends in Christ.
My sister and our friend above doing hair the first morning on friday.

Breakfast is always the busiest time of the day, since everyone is getting ready for the public to come and see our camp. We have to get rid of all our modern conviences and get the hair up and get breakfast done by 9am. Now you would think that would be an easy task, but that is not so with 20 people in our living history group. :)

My father above is wearing a linen outfit that my sister Bethany made for him and a period hat and pair of boots as well while demonstrating how the telegraph keys work to some specators. I just loved seeing him show how they communitcated between the lines during the war. Lord willing at our next reenactment I will be helping him demonstrate.

My parents above together. :)

Here is my dad up early at 6am getting the breakfast going the next morning on saturday. You can see our open fire cooking area and our period pots and pans.

We get quite a crowd interested in the telegraph demos!

We tend to have a line of ladies in our group demonstrating how the hair styles were done for the period every morning for specatators to see and if they want we even do their hair for a small fee.

Dad in action showing how to use the telegraph with dot code, not morse code.

On saturday we even did our laundry and the public really were interested. We do dishes, cooking, hair demos, sewing, and many other activities that they did daily during the civil war. We try to show how they lived and do it in a way that is hands on in our camp.

All done! It was lovely that day and it was windy, so it all dried in time for sunday so we had clean cloths!

We are washing our chemises and stockings above, I am on the far left.

The whole crew! These are all the teens and young adults that are in our group. We had tons of fun! My sister Bethany is on the far left and I am second from the far right.

Above you can see our wash table where we wash all the dishes at bottom of the photo. You can also see our tents on the left side of the photo that we sleep in. In this photo we are doing a young ladies hair for her for a small fee. It was fun to show people what the hair styles of the period were like by doing it for them.

Here is a young woman in our group demonstrating how to make homemade lemonade. All the
kids who came to see the living history event loved helping! it was cute to let them help and they enjoyed it.

In the above picture I am showing with my civil war doll that I posted about here what the under garments of a lady in the civil war looked like and how they were worn. The lady next to me was from England and was quite interested in our family group. Since all the people in our group are families that homeschool she was very interested. She even interviewed us for a magazine that she is a reporter for. So we may be in a spring issue of an english home magazine in 2011. It was exciting and I was nervous as were the other young ladies and men in our group. But it was a great witness for Christ as I added in parts of my testimony to share.

Above one of the moms in our group is cooking fried chicken over the open fire for dinner on saturday! It was so hot, but she got through it with some other girls in our groups help. It was deliscious!

My mother on the left and her friend on the right.

On sunday our fly that is a shady area for us to sit and to eat was falling down. So we held it up with the help of our wooden spoons! It was funny, but scarey because it bent the metal pin that kept the fly on top of our tent!!!!!! But my dad was able to bend it back and put it back on top of the tent.
Here are my sister and I and some other gals from our group with one of fathers excorting us to one of the big tents to hear about spys and their role during the civil war on friday. It was fun!
Well I will leave you all with one last photo of myself tending to the fire. It was hot, but it was fun doing fried apples and eggs for breakfast. God bless and if you all have any questions please ask. I love learning about history and sharing what I have learned through my blog.
God bless and have a marvelous day leaning on Him!
In Christ,


Ana Smith said...

I always love seeing photos from your events. It seem like ya'll really get into it and provide a variety of things to see. The reenactments I've been to down here in AL pretty much just consist of the battle, a soldier's camp, and a suttlery or two, and maybe a dance. I think if they were more involved and serious about being accurate, I'd get involved.

Rebecca Jane said...

Such fun! Oh, I'm longing for a reenactment now...thanks. Hah... :)

Avonlea_dreamer said...

That sounds like so much fun!! I wish I was in a group!

SinginginHisName said...

hehe you all make me laugh! I am longing for another reenactment too! :)

Well just so you all know we had to start our own group, as there were not any we could find that were christian groups that wanted to do it for Gods glory and not their own. Also that way we can all work together because we know each others goals of wanting to do it period correct. So we striving to keep becoming more and more period correct and its been a long journey! I still can't believe the Lord has made it possible for us to do this and to share His love with the reenacting community here on the east coast.

I would encourage you all if you cannnot find a group that is what you are looking for to research what you would want to share at a reenactment, whether it be domestic activities, telegraph, or maybe even other activities. You might just find you can get enough people together to do it! But I encourage you all to pray about it if you really want to find a group!

I am so glad to share with you all our endeavors and its only by the Lord we are doing this!

God bless!

Stephanie Ann said...

You all look great! I'm glad to see you had fun! Our group never goes to the Gettysburg Reenactment. Your hair stylings all look very good.

Lola said...

Hi Rebecca, I have a couple questions about your reenacting. When you do it, do you really camp out outdoors for the whole weekend, full-time? Or do you go spend the night somewhere else?

Also, do you ever come further east in PA than Gettysburg? I'd love to come see your group sometime and have you do my hair :o)

SinginginHisName said...

Stephanie you should come to gettysburg next 4th of July! It would be awesome to meet you! :)

Lola no I do not believe we have any that are further east coming up. But we will be going Lord willing to the Ceder Creek reenactment in October which is in the Sheanadoah valley if that helps. I believe we may be going up to west VA sometime also in the coming months. But I am not sure, but I will let you know when I have definate dates if you like. But do check out the Bonnets and Bayonets website and Ceder Creek battle field website if you want to drive to go to a reenactment that is somewhat near PA.

And to answer your first question, my family does spend the night in our tents and does sleep at the event. At our first event we stayed in a hotel since we did not have a tent. There are also lots of other reenactors who camp and also stay at hotels. Its really up to you as a reenactor. We camp since its more cost effective and then we can be there to cook and be ready for the day in the mornings and have access to the dance that is right down the row and church at the camp. Its a lot easier for us.

Hope that answers your questions.

In Christ,

Mia said...

Dear Rebecca,
Lovely photo's!!
I haven't been to Gettysburg yet, but I hope to in the future. (I'll let you know, because I'd love to meet you and your sister!!)

*sigh* now I want to re-enact! I haven't participated in an event lately...I'm so ready!! :)

ps) Thank you for stopping by my blog!


Jayne said...

This looks SO fun!!! Love the 'gettin a hairdo' picture! Thanks for sharing!

SinginginHisName said...

Mia I would love to meet you sometime! If you ever come up to Virginia, Maryland, or Pennsylvania let me know and I can give you my email. That would be so great to meet! :)
I am always encouraged by your blog so I would love to meet you. I actually have friends in Georgia, if I ever get down there maybe our families could meet. We will see what the Lord does.

Jayne I love getting my hair done in 1860's styles because its so cool and never falls out when my sister Beth does it for me. :)

Glad you all are enjoying our lives through my blog!

God bless!

Tim said...

Awesome! Looks like fun!


GodeysKnits said...

I just love your photos from the 4th of July living history! Doing each other's hair, the washing of clothes, the cooking- it all becomes so surreal and alive- straight out of photographs. I really enjoy that your group and the gals really do the authenticity right! P.S. - I happened to see you and your friends during the Remembrance Day parade- you girls were by the corner intersection down Baltimore Street and I think the Taneytown Road .. but it was right in the front of where the Evergreen Cemetery is. It was so neat just to see who I could spot that I recognize from reenacting and from the blogs I've followed! Hopefully I might get to talk to you on a chat sometime! I'd really like to meet you gals- seem like a bunch of fun ones like out of Little Women :D