Friday, August 27, 2010

Another thrifty find

Hey everyone!

Last week after visiting and helping some friends of my family pack to move into their new place my sister, mother, and I hit the goodwill thrift store. Yes we went to the thrift store again. We do not go often, but when we do we are usually blessed with treasures for great prices. The Lord was good and blessed me with finding a new dress that is winter colors! Black here I come! Also it has grey, fushia, and white in the pattern of the dress. All colors I know are my season. At least now I believe they are. For the past 2 years after reading Color Me Beautiful my family and I were determined I was a summer. Therefore ruling out that I could wear black. But this past month I was talking with another friend who said she was determined that I was a winter. Winter is the only season of colors that includes black and other very bright cool jewel tones. I remembered thinking I was a winter the first time I read the books on color seasons. But I was told no you must be a summer because that is cool tones and brown is a better neutral on you. So I tried a black cami under a bright jewel green top I own and I realized it did not wash me out!

So now all my friends, family, and myself have come to the conclusion that I am a winter. I am quite happy as I never thought brown was the best on me. So now I am on the look out for more black in my wardrobe as well as other winter colors. I also found these nice mary janes above in black when I found the dress as well. Both dress and shoes cost me $11.00.

The dress was $7.00 and the shoes were $4.00. I was suprised when I had been wanting black flats and I said Lord I would really like a pair of black shoes and he blessed me with a pair. I went into the goodwill looking for the shoes and not the dress. But I have been wanting more dresses in my wardrobe. So I feel blessed to have found winter colors again! I have one black cami and a sweater and now a pair of shoes and a dress that are black. But most of my cloths are cool colors thankfully. So no I am not throwing out my whole wardrobe. Just over time as I get tired of or wear things out I will be on the look out for winter colors.

If you want know more about what color season is best for your coloring I would not recommend going with Color Me Beautiful, but with a new book that is the one a friend lent me and said that I was a winter. Its called Color with style by Donna Fujii. You can see the link in the name of the book to amazon who sells it. You may also be able to find it at your library. I will be wanting my own copy of this book sometime. I am borrowing my friends copy right now.

The next thing I am on the look out for in my wardrobe is a good winter/fall coat. Hopefully I can find one for a good deal before it gets cold around here. Everyone enjoy your thursday and be blessed by the Lords provision!

In Christ,



Ashley Nicole said...

Rebecca you look lovely in black! =) I really want to find out what my color season is. Guess I will have to look for that color book at book sales.

SinginginHisName said...

Ashley do have a look at sales, its an old one from the 90's, but the concepts are still relavent today to our needs. Thanks! I love am in love with black and I want more of it in my wardrobe! :)

Kimmie said...

Oh, your dress looks so good on you, the shape really enhances your cute figure!

I don't know what season I am either, though I love black and white...though I do like bright colors..cobalt blue, pinks...really I think I like everything (which is also a problem, ahem.)

Your shoes are a great answer to prayer too.

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one homemade and 7 adopted