Thursday, August 26, 2010

Wool civil war dress progress

Hello everyone!

Suprise! I have been creating a new wool/silk blend puff sleeved dress. Since you all do not know me in real life you all might be suprised to know that I love puff sleeves!!! I even adore the ones Anne Shirley wears to the ball with Diana in the movie. The dress that Matthew bought for her! I love anything that is poofy! The 1830's era is my favorite because of the big puff sleeves. So I wanted something a little frilly for civil war. Bethany my sister helped me draft these puffs based on the CDV below.
The lady on the far right is the one with the sleeves I have been wanting for over a year now. Now its come into existance! Yes my puffs! I am so extatic!!! I am not aware of who owns this photograph, but I did get it off of ebay. If you own this photograph and would want photo credit I can do that. Just comment.

The bodice is darted as typical of wool and silk blend dresses.

You can see the puffs above and below. But these photos do not do them justice. They are a lot better on a person. But here is a sneak peek of what I am wearing to our first civil war event in October. Navy dress with brown plaid.

An upclose of the puff above.

I finished the bodice for this dress about a week ago. But I have had to rip out my pleating the skirt to the bodice once already. I do not like pleating, as I have only done gauging on my other two dresses I have made. But as my sister and a friend says you have to overcome the project before you can do the technique you are frustrated with well. Hopefully I can pick it up again this week and finish it so I can put some photos of it on me on here. I adore the fabric! Its actually mostly silk with some wool in the fibers. It was on sale from I would recommend getting wool from them. Its usually better prices when its on sale and you have a coupon. But there quality is quite good.

Have a wonderful day and rely on Christ alone for your strength to live each day!

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Stephanie Ann said...

I am so jealous! It is so pretty! I love the sleeves and the print. It is absolutely stunning!

SinginginHisName said...

thanks stephanie! I love the sleeves and I feel so blessed to have been able to get a different look going instead of standard bishop sleeves!