Monday, August 16, 2010

What we have been up to.....

Hello everyone!
Well its been so busy that I have not had time to post until now! For 3 weeks my family has been traveling to friends and having company stay with us. We have had three different sets of families stay with us and visited 2 families. Its been a blessing and so encouraging to hear Christs church edify one another! Praise the Lord! We are leaving wednesday to visit and help some newly married friends move. So its been so busy! But I will try and tell what has been going on while I have time.

3 weeks at the end of July Bethany and I and our parents went to visit our good friends the Needs. They are our adopted grandparents and wonderful examples to our family of the older teaching the younger. Bethany and I stayed for about 10 days after our parents left being with us 3 of the days. We learned a lot of sewing techniques and had a great time! I made a skirt for a friend and some other little girls dresses and Bethany made some little girls dresses and a ladies dress also. Grammie(Mrs Need) helped us and taught us during the week we were there.
Below is a sunset as we sat on the porch swing in front of the Needs home. It was lovely!
Grammie and I cutting away!

Bethany and Grammie having a lovely time!

We went with my parents up to Mount Storm in West VA and saw a beautiful water fall!

The Needs and us
Gods creation is amazing! Isn't it?!
We had fun going on top of a huge rock on our way up to the water fall.
The Needs in front of the falls.
My parents and Bethany and I.
Then the Needs came to visit us last week along with their grandson from Brazil. So of course we had to go up to D.C. and see the sites! The Library of Congress was breath taking! I love the architecture!! As we were walking towards the Captital.
Library of Congress ceiling below.

We were able to see Gershwins piano and lots of his hand written music that were the rough drafts of his musicals and other songs. We also saw Thomas Jeffersons library, which I was not aloud to photograph unfortunately! It was amazing!!! So many books! Since they were so expensive back in the 1770s I was so suprised at his collection, but at the same time I could imagine them all in Monticello where he lived. We went there a few years back. Beautiful! We also saw the Guttenburg Bible, unfortunately I could not photograph that either. But it was amazing! We also went to the National Gallery of Art and it was beautiful as usual.

Gershwins piano above
More beautiful ceilings in the hallway at the Library of congress. We also found out that they give free concerts of all different wonderful styles of music. I had my eye on the one that is duets of cello and piano!!! Oh I would love to hear that! The cello and the harp are two of my favorite instruments besides the piano. If only I could learn to play the cello someday and do duets with Beth! That would be wonderful! someday maybe?! After I finish my voice and piano studies for college. :) If any of you are wondering I will be doing a voice(singing) major through Collegeplus. Go here to see their website. You can get a fully accredited degree without having to redo your high school classes. You can clep out of classes and focus on your major! It sounds lovely. We shall see how it goes. I am supposed to start September 13th Lord willing. Pray for me in that! I am excited, scared, and overwhelmed at the same time.
I will post the dress that I wore on the trip to D.C. that I bought while I was visiting Grammie and Grandpa at their local thrift store called Rio for only $1.00! Its my favorite color to wear ice blue and its a dress I will be copying into my own pattern someday! Until tomorrow!

In Christ,



Stephanie Ann said...

It's so neat that you are going to college for voice! I didn't know that. How cool. I used to take voice lessons. Singing is so relaxing--I'm sure the classes wont be! :D I am very excited for you and will pray for you.

Caitlin said...

Rebecca -

Welcome to CollegePlus! You're going to have fun connecting with the other students. There are quite a few who are into sewing and civil war reenactments. And Jane Austen enthusiasts? We have more than a few of those as well!

- Caitlin
PR Manager|CollegePlus

Anne said...

Hi Rebecca,
Thank you for visiting my blog and for your kind comments. :-)

I was just in D.C. 3 weeks ago. My hubby was there for a meeting and a special dinner at the American History Museum. It was a fun trip.

I use the shampoo from Kettle Care(
It's a little pricey, so I alternate with stuff I find from a local health food store, Jason - Jojoba. I have found that some of the shampoos from the health food store can be drying; the Kettle Care isn't, and it has a very nice smell. I recently purchased a Rosemary shampoo bar, from Crystal's Handmade Soap( I haven't used it yet. I read that is was supposed to be good, followed by an apple cider vinegar rinse. If I come across anything else that I think works well, I'll let you know. :-)

Best wishes on your voice degree. :-) My youngest daughter was working on a degree in music ministry, but has recently changed to women's ministry, but is still taking piano and voice. To me, anyone that can sing, truly has a gift. All I can do is "make a joyful noise!"

I've really enjoyed your blog and will be back to visit. :-)
Blessings to you,

SinginginHisName said...

Stephanie thanks so much for the encouragement! I can't wait to start taking voice lessons again and I will be starting to accompany on the piano at my new church as well in october. I am excited about all the new changes and scared at the same time! But I know its in His hands what I will be doing in the coming months.

Caitlin thanks for the welcome! How did you find my blog?!! Thats great that you did. Yes I already know one other Jane Austen and wanting to be reenactor who is one of my best friends who is using college plus. She helped me to see how it could be a good fit for my life style. God bless and thanks for saying that there are lots of other gals like me to get to know! Thats very encouraging! :)

Anne yes the american history museum is great! I saw Old Glory as well as some other things in there last year. Thank you so much for the shampoo recommendations! I will have to see how expensive those are for my budget and if I can try them. Also thanks for the encouraging word about my major! I do not know any other music majors right now except for a friend who is a piano major. I have not met any that use college plus which is mostly online classes. So lots of people are sceptical about what I am doing. But I know its what the Lord wants me to do and thats a comfort!

I appreciated your comment about my molly hair style! I wear that style almost every day in the summer! Its so cool and easy to do with my curls! :) I am wearing it right now after mopping the house. :)

I appreciate all the encouragement! I makes me smile when I get comments. :)

Ana Smith said...

Wow, got to see Gershwin's piano! Looks like you had a wonderful time with the Needs. I got to meet Mrs. Need once, I think it was right after Benjamin was born. She's an amazing lady with an amazing daughter!