Friday, May 14, 2010

Civil War Star Quilt and 1812 shoes

Hello everyone!

Well you may be wondering what I have been doing to be so busy not to post as much as I usually try to do. My sister has helped me into a new endeavor of sewing a civil war reproduction quilt! I have helped her cut out quilts before and sewn some blocks for her quilts and quilts we have with friends for friends. But I have never made a whole civil war quilt by myself. I am finishing up the lap quilt that was my first quilt that I posted about here. I am putting the binding on today and then it will be able to be used on my bed. I am excited to finish my first quilt I have sewn on my own! The measurements for the star blocks. I have to cut out 42 blocks for the top and then I was 42 solid printed blocks that will alternate between the stars. Here are a few variations of the stars below.

I love the brightly colored prints! We have lots of printed and woven colored scraps from garments we have made for civil war living history events, as well as many
many white scraps from modern to civil war and 1812 living history. We use white for everything! So its great to get rid of the bins and bins of white scraps! We are not so abundant in the reproduction printed fabrics though. So I am trying to use them wisely!

Here are a whole bunch of sets I cut out on monday before I sewed them up into their stars.
You can also see our rotary cutter and our wonderful cutting surface we bought at wally world (walmart). :) I love our cutting board.

And a suprise!!!! My present from my parents for my birthday arrived today! A pair of 1812 ladies walking shoes! We will not be doing living history at Fort McHenry after all. With graduating and all the other civil war events and other things going on it was too much for our family. But I will still be able to wear them Lord willing we do living history at the Fort next year. I love them anyway! they fit wonderfully and Robert Lands work is beautiful! I also own 2 pairs of 1860s boots for civil war living history from him and they so comfortable and accurate. He always strives for accuracy and quality.

Have a wonderful friday and weekend!

God bless,

Rebecca Ann


Stephanie Ann said...

The quilt is looking awesome. I never learned how to quilt. I've been meaning to make a Civil War era "Sanitary Commission Comfort." Yours looks really nice! Oh, and the shoes are such a nice gift! They're lovely.

Madeline said...

I awarded you, Rebecca. =D Actually I awarded you both the awards...see my blog.

SinginginHisName said...

thanks stephanie!

I so enjoy quilting and I can't wait to finish another quilt!

God bless with your endeavors in quilting!

Oh yes and I am so blessed and I still can't believe I own regency walking shoes!

Madeline I will have to post about the awards soon! thanks for awarding me! I miss you already!

Ashley Nicole said...

I still have to make my first quilt. Yours is very pretty.

I love your shoes! I've been thinking about buying one of his civil war shoes. I'm glad to hear good reviews.


I'm hoping to send you an email soon with all the details on that civil war event back in April, and our trip to SC. And well, just about my life lately in general. =) Miss you girl! *hugs*