Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Life and findings update

Hey everyone!

Yes I am alive! hehe
Well anywho I have had a lovely weekend and have had an interesting start to my week. Yes I am not elaborating all the happenings around here. But just for fun here is a book that I found when I went to a library book sale at the library in Purcellville, VA with my family and dear friend Ivis on saturday. I was shocked and squealed with delight when I found it and the lady said I could have it for only $20.00! But it was originally going for 50!!!! So I was happy and said you never come across books this old usually and I have saved so much money on books in the past by getting them used, from the library, and from friends. So I justified the purchase! :)

Without further or due here is my volume of poetry from 1861!!!!!!! Yes you read that right 1861 is the public date!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I thought the embossing was amazing!!!!

It also has great poems in it! Yes its a volume of christian poems that the author wrote throughout his life! His name you might be wondering is, Thomas H. Stockton.

I thought that all the illustrations were beautiful and you may be wondering who drew them. Well guess what he was an artist too!!!! I am just amazed at his work!!!!!!
WOW what a concept!!! he even has sections in his little volume by categories, such as the Bible!!! Its quite wonderful to me!

Another adorable illustration of two children climbing a fence with their dog. Maybe they are going home to dinner!
Horses and their masters in a barn. Its quite better in person. Yep just drop by if you want to see this little volume. :)

Now that was just amazing and I can still get over it! I will post a poem from this little volume at the end of the post. Sorry this is going to be long!

My outfit I wore this morning. I love this jumper my sister made for me for christmas last year. I also wore my favorite white blouse that I wear with just about everything.

Yes I changed my cloths, because I did not want to dirty them, so I wore my lovely vintage 1950's house dress. Yes this is about 60 years old and I wear it! It should probably be in a museum or in a box. :) I love it anyway! and it has great pockets for everything as well as embroidery on the pockets and sleeves. You can see a detail below. I believe I bought it off of etsy from this and it was only $20.00! I bought it about 3 years ago when I started wearing dresses for the first time since I was a girl every day.

I just love it! I believe it was hand-made by someone in their home, not from a store as it has no tag and raw seams on the inside and it appears to have hand-stitching.

Oh and just for fun this photo is of a harpsichord my sister and I saw in the Victoria and Albert museum in England last fall when we went on the England costuming tour with Jennie Chancey. You can see her website on my side bar. I just love this harpsicord!!! Wish I had one! This one belonged to Queen Victoria! It amazed me! I have been going through photos from the trip for my mother so she can print them and do scrapbooks for my sister and I's graduation June 22nd. Here are two of my favorite dresses from the V&A exhibit.

Yes this gown is a bustle and I love it! The bustle gowns have always fascinated me! I have always wanted one! Beth says maybe someday she will sew me one! Please dearest Beth! :)

And my other all time favorite era I have never worn, the 1830's I believe. I just love the sleeves and the shevron bodice!!! I love the textile as well! I am a sucker for these two eras and just love the big sleeves and big skirts, another reason I love the civil war as you can have huge cages and lots of petticoats russling! Its wonderful!
And to finish off this post here is my sister and I in one of our grad pictures. Yes we did wear modern dress and skirt combos instead of 1860's or regency attire. We thought it was more real and would be better to relate to our friends and family and show our real personalities. We wanted to wear clothing we wear all the time.
Our dear friend Lindsey W. took our pictures at a park by our house called Meadowlark gardens and I will be posting more of the pictures sometime soon. Its been really busy! We are actually leaving tomorrow Beth and I to go and visit some friends and sew until sunday and watch movies and have a grand time! The poem by Thomas H. Stockton
The True Refuge
"Thy goodness is my refuge, Lord!
Here let me ever rest:
I feel the Spirit of Thy Word-
Thou willest what is best!
Thy knowledge is my refuge, Lord!
Here let me ever rest:
I feel thy Spirit of Thy word--
Thou knowest what is best!
Thy Wisdom is my refuge Lord!
Here let me ever rest;
I feel the Spirit of Thy word--
Thou choosest what is best!

Thy Power completes my refuge Lord!
Here let me ever rest:
I feel the Spirit of thy word--
Thou doest what is best!
Thou art Perfect Refuge, Lord!
Here let creation rest;
Charm'd by the Spirit of Thy word--
God's ways are always best!"
Amen! Let us ever rest in the love and power of our Lord Jesus Christ!
Have a lovely week everyone and may God bless you as you rest in Him!
In Christ,
Oh and btw the photo for our graduation was taken by my dear friend Lindsey W. and is her own work. We love her photography, but I ask that no one uses it without my permission or Lindseys. Thank you so much!


Lily Litten said...

That blue dress is so beautiful! Wish I had one like it. ;) And I really love that book. That picture of you and Bethany is really pretty too!

silent_librarian said...

This is an epic post! I have to say that the old book of poetry is gorgeous! What a treasure to find (for 20 bucks!) and it has all those illustrations. That is what really caught my eye. ;-) I need to find old books like that.

I love your clothes, as usual. That navy blue jumper is so cute. You look straight out from 40s/50s. Speaking of which, what another lovely find that you were able to buy that authentic dress from the 50s, all handmade and everything. Wow. How do you do it? Lots of ingenius shopping I guess. Though, my sister has been getting into looking at Etsy (we recently discovered it) and I think I pretty much want to buy everything off that site. Must. Resist. Hehe!

Beautiful photographs from the museum! How I would die to see those in person. If you sister makes you a bustle dress, that one I HAVE to see.

Speaking of which, you and your sister look very beautiful in your photograph. :-)

Sarah Jane said...

What a beautiful book! What a find!! And what a price!! :O Wow, this is definitely something you will cherish the rest of your life! Thanks for sharing the poem too - it is lovely.

SinginginHisName said...

lol hehehehe! I had to laugh so hard when you said my post was epic Danielle! hehe

Thank you all and I still can't believe my find! I am on vacation with friends in Fredricksburg, VA right now. So I thought an epic post would be good before I left.

I was so encouraged by the poems in the little volume too!

Oh and thanks for liking my dress! My sister does not like the light blue house dress and calls it a bath robe! lol I love it though!

good hearing from you ladies! I so enjoy it!

In Christ,

Ashley Nicole said...

What a great find Rebecca! I also love your vintage dress! Too cute. One of these days I have to buy a vintage dress. =)

By the way, you have been awarded and tagged on my blog. =) http://bramblewoodfashion.blogspot.com/2010/05/tags-awards.html

Stephanie Ann said...

I love the cover of that book. The embossing in the 1800s is so pretty. I am hoping to post a little bit about preserving antique books sometime on my blog. When I do, I'll send you a link. It's such a good find, i know you'll want to take care of it. Good post!

SinginginHisName said...

Oh Stephanie thanks so much for letting me know that you can help me know how to preserve my new book!!!! I would love to have it preserved! I will definately check that out!

thanks for the award Ashley! miss you!

Hannah Rebekah said...

I am giving you the sunshine award. Come get it off my blog.