Monday, May 3, 2010

Bonnets and Bayonets April 17th

Hello everyone! This post is long over due, but here are some pictures from my camera as well as photography mostly from my friend Lindsey W. All of these photos are the property of me Rebecca Ann and may only be used with my permission. Thanks!

This first photo is of our encampment at the Bonnets and Bayonets living history event back in early april. In my side bar you can see their website. It is a living history even that is a day event for families and it is Christ-centered history. We finally have our own big wall tent and fly along with our thrifted furniture and all our thrifted extras such as dishes and all. My mother, sister, and I and our father are very proud of this new accomplishment! As we have a trailer to fit it all in to bring to events.

There it is above! Our encampment!

Doing hair in the morning can be a chore, but the results are amazing! Mine is not done yet here!

Breakfast was pretty early, I think the boys were still out of it. :)

The twins were adorable!

Ivis even put together a fashion show for the girls and moms. That way they were able to see what exactly was an every day outfit for a girl and a lady. It was quite fun having the girls try on different things like a cage, or a corset, or a dress. They loved it!

Bethany even did a hair demonstration on our friend Lindsey for the girls to see how to do it.

Trying on the cage and dress!

Ivis even showed them period undergarments with her period doll! It was great!

Aaron Bradford even wrote a play to start out the day, we all shared in the play all the different reasons for the civil war in america as well as the Lord's providence through out the whole war. I was Miss Meredith who lived in the north and was opposed to slavery. Ivis was my cousin who was from the south. I learned a lot from the play, as well as I am not pro union or pro south, I feel that both sides had things right and wrong. Therefore, my family does not advocate one side or the other. Its fun to be able to know what both sides believed. I am on the left with the straw hat.

The guys at one point in the play even were about to get into a fist fight and Ivis and I drew back in horror and of course of the guys says," gentelmen there are ladies present!" Its hilarious. :)

The guys even showed some of the little boys how to fire, and no these guns are not loaded. :

They were just too cute not to put on here!!!

We danced the virginia reel and some other period dances of the civil war (1860's) before lunch! It was quite a lot of fun and the families loved it!!

I love little Valerie in the blue dress in the front with her skirts twirling! so cute!!

Above is why I dress in a feminine way even when I recreating the past, why I strive to get over my sin and help others, why I want to be a titus 2 woman, and why I want to be a wife and mother Lord willing someday! Our new generation of girls need help to live the life the Lord has set out for them to their fullest!! Oh Lord give me a heart for You that I may help a girl know You for who You are!!!

We were sewing little draw string bags while waiting for the soldiers to come, we are supposed to be refugees who have lost their homes and now have to move from place to place through out the war. This was quite common! The boys did a few skirmishes and learned what the life of a soldier was like along side their fathers, while the ladies had tea, learned to sew, and roll cartridges.
Aaron also did a medical demo and here he is telling the boys were to put the wounded for "amputations". Yes no one was hurt in this demo. :) His apron I thought was funny with the fake blood on it!

I think they might have thought that he may have just amputated his arm for real on our dining table! But no he did not! But he used period saws and knives to demonstrate how it could have been done.

We also went to look for herbs that could be used for different medicines as well as picking the straw to make brooms. This was all pretend, but it was what they would have done in the 1860's for the ladies and girls they just loved learning about how to make everyday things. My sister in the middle!
Beth and I having fun before we were about to go and find some more straw! Oh and yes she is wearing her new wool dress! Mine is a cotten woven stripe.

Well I better go now! More things to do! We just got back from Carol county yesterday and I promise to post pictures when I can sometime this week. God bless!

In Christ,

Rebecca Ann


Gabrielle Renee said...

Oh that looks like so much fun!! I wish I could do it someday... I would love to see you and your sister reenact someday! I LOVE your dresses. :)

In Christ,

Atlanta said...

Amazing pictures! looks like a wonderful weekend!

silent_librarian said...

How wonderful! This looks like such a fun and blessed time. I would love to be a part of this just for one time in my life. Dressing up, learning history, getting to do old-fashioned things. *sigh* And the lifestyle really suits you! You have been born in the wrong century! ;)

I am very interested in the different hairstyles. I have a mass of long hair that I would love to put up in 1800s styles. Of course, I couldn't do it on my own. Dang. This is why I need to get myself a maid. :P

Anyway, I loved hearing and seeing your time spent at the reenactment. I need to get myself out of this hot desert and go to places where all the action is happening! Haha!

Oh! And the Virgina Reel! Love that dance! It is my favorite!

Melanie said...

Fun! :-D

That third picture (of you doing ... your sister's?... hair) reminds me very much of Little Women. You really could pass for Jo doing Meg's hair in that shot. :-D

SinginginHisName said...

Everyone I am so glad to share my life with you all! And if you all are ever in the northern VA/ D.C. area and want to come to a reenactment do contact me or my sister!!! seriously we would totally help you get outfitted and bring you along!

Thank you Gabrielle! My dress, my mothers, and my sisters were all made by my sister! She is amazing! I made my undergarments and such and Beth made her own and my mothers. I would love to have you as I said for a living history event any time!

thank you Atlanta! I am always inspired by your reenacting photos and dresses as well!

Danielle yes having long hair can get hot and especially here in VA its now humid and hot and sticky. Having your hair in the 1860's style is both cool and pretty! haha! My grandmother says the same thing that I was born in the wrong century. But I tell her and I will say it again, just as Esther was chosen for such a time as that age, so my family and I have been chosen for this age by the Lord! For such a time as this femininity is needed and is sadly fading away in many cultures! Especially amaerica, lets bring it back together! Even in my every day wardrobe even though it may not be skirts to my ankles, corsets and long sleeves, I strive for femininity and modesty for my Lord!

sorry that was so long but I thought its might help some who visit my blog! I love hearing from all of you!

Melanie you are so right! thats funny, I do look like Jo! And beth does look like meg, except we have total opposite personalities from the characters!! I am much more like Amy in some ways!!! :) Not totally!

Stephanie Ann said...

Someone else already said this, but as soon as I saw the picture of you doing each others hair I thought "That is so beautiful, it could be a Little Women's" book cover." That photo is absolutely lovely. I am glad that you support modesty. The event you were at seemed like so much fun.

silent_librarian said...

Yeah, I am with you, Rebecca! What you tell your grandmother is so very true. I believe that as Christians we should live the counterculture life, to shine the light before men, and have the whole world and its social depravity dim under it. Even if it is only in one's wardrobe. All areas are for God and His glory.

It makes it more exciting, that is for sure. ;)