Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Blue gored circle skirt completed!!!

Hey everyone!
Please do pardon my horrible pictures, I was using the self timer. I found this lovely fabric at Joann a few weeks ago. I posted about it here. I just could not help myself and I posted here about my cutting out this gored vintage 1950's circle skirt. Well today after being home and able to work on it I finished my new skirt! I conquered by fear of zippers and now its finished!!! I absolutely fell in love with the light blue pattern! Its so practical for summer and so pretty! I had the belt already from the linen jacket I found thrifted. My blouse is from the Burlington coat factory! I discovered a few years ago they had other things besides coats and this blouse is a favorite!

Well God bless and pictures from the carol county reenactment and possibly a little bit about a new dress coming soon!

In Christ,



Ashley Nicole said...

Ooo, your skirt turned out lovely Rebecca! I love the color. ;)

lots of love,

Gabrielle Renee said...

Oh, I LOVE it, Rebecca! So pretty and feminine. :)


Melanie said...

Wow wow wow, and absolutely adorable!! The skirt/belt/blouse combination is waaaaaay cute on you!!! :-D Very nice! :-)

SinginginHisName said...

thanks my friends! I have to say I am quite tickled pink with the result. I may wear it for my grad photos! We shall see!

silent_librarian said...

Your skirt is absolutely lovely! I love the fabric you chose as well. Simple, elegant, and very summery. Wonderful job. I love your whole outfit put together, with the white blouse. Vintage elegance!

SinginginHisName said...

thank you Danielle!!! I wanted to wear it for the day yesterday, but I did not want to get it all messy while doing chores and cooking, so I will wear for church sunday. :)

the W. family said...

Very pretty Rebecca!! Your outfit is so feminine - I love it! :)

Elizabeth J. said...

Rebecca, thank you very much for dropping by my blogspot as well as telling me how you came across my blog. Your blog is lovely and the background is so fresh and inviting!