Sunday, May 9, 2010

Thrift store finds and my reading list

Hey everyone!

I am sorry for the long quiet here on my blog. Its been very busy with school, life, graduation invitations underway, graduation photos being done by a very good friend my sister and I's yesterday. We are trying to settle at a new church. Its been crazy! But here I am with some updates and fun things going on in my life.

On thursday after my choir class my mother and I treated ourselves to a visit to the thrift store in Purcellville, VA. We love this thrift store as the people are so nice and helpful and it goes to a good cause, hospice care. My found a great pair of sailor, wide leg jeans for only $6.00 among other treasures and items I have wanted and needed for a while. :) I was thrilled as they fit loosly, but not too tightly, which is so hard to find!!! They are pretty darn cute too, having the cute button and they look great with my crisp white blouse and pearls!

My mother spotted a purse that to her looked like the Vera Bradley purse that I had always wanted, but I said mom no way it can't be the real thing!! But then we looked it over and yes it was a vera bradly in mint condition!!!! It was only $22.00 dollars compared to the price of $50.00 or whatever I would have had to pay. I had always admired the brown and turquoise design and now I am the proud of owner of one!!! I used my birthday money by the way for all these purchases that normally I would not buy. I can't afford even thrift store prices for things lots of times.

Look at all that room for my wallet, tissue holder made by my sister, Bible, notebook, and even more! I love the contrasting fabric on the inside too!

I love how it has 2 pockets in the front under the flap. That way I have easy access to my cell phone and other essentials I need to get to quickly. No more digging around in the bottom of my old purse!! I will still keep my trusty yellow spring purse and my fall/winter red purse though. But this new one is so much better for my needs!

I also was able to get this cute brown and turquoise tote that is Dress Barn brand for only $9.00. It was a great find for all my school and other pleasure books to carry to classes and everywhere else I go! I have been wanting something besides my canvas tote bag or a back pack and this is the answer. Love love love it!

Then I was able to find this little brown purse! Can you see a theme?!! Brown is amazing and I love it! This will be great for church or other nicer occasions when I don't need a big purse. I think it was $8.00, but its prada brand!!! I think that is designer?! correct me if I am wrong.

My mother also found this cute shirt and I snatched it up. I normally would not wear this brand, but I did not realize that it was American Eagle brand. There stuff is usually not so modest or decent, but I liked this top with another shirt underneath. Oh and guess what it was on the clearanced rack for $1.00!

And I wanted to share with you all what I am currently reading again. I finished Castaways of the Flying Ducthman by Jaques a few weeks ago, as well as A Heart for God by Ferguson.

Now I have started What is a Healthy Church? by Mark Dever and I love it. The pastor at the church we are currently attending gave 2 copies to our family and I have learned a lot and been encouraged by this book. I only have 2 chapters to go and I started last monday. I will probably finish it tomorrow.

I just bought The Case for a Creator at the thrift store and it was only 50cents! They have the best buys there! :) I started it and its great! I only read the first few pages on the way home from the store, but I plan to read more soon.

I decided to re-read a favorite of mine. Stepping Heavenward by Mrs Elizabeth Prentiss and I just adore it! I guess everyone says it but Katy was so much like me and I am still am a lot like her. I highly recommend this book! I plan to get my own copy soon, this is my families copy from the Lamplighter book company. You can also get a paper back from as well.

For school I am reading John Locke's The Second Treatise of Government. Its an essay on why Monarchy is not good and not a great way to govern a country. I find it quite fascinating and Locke was also a devout christian as well. A big plus!

God bless and another post Lord willing sometime this week about sewing and clothes and the like!
In Christ,


Lola said...

Okay, so I have to ask - jeans?! Do you wear pants? Just if they're loose? Would you wear them out, or only if you're doing work or something where you really need a full range of motion? I'd love to see your outfit that day :o)

And yes, $8 for a Prada purse - you scored big time!

SinginginHisName said...

Hey lola! Yes I do wear pants sometimes when I need to. I feel a lot more comfortable in skirts or a dress, but I will wear jeans, but only once in a blue moon. I do all sorts of activities in dresses and its still just as easy as in pants. I do believe that wearing dresses and skirts is much more feminine, but pants can also be feminine too. You can see a post here-
I did about how to wear jeans in a modest and still feminine way. Oh and good about the purse! :) God bless Lola and I love hearing from you!

In Christ,

Stephanie Ann said...

Wow, I'm glad you got so much. I love purses, they are the best way to make sure that you always have a book. I normally can't afford thrift store prices either, but I do get all of my clothes at thrift stores. I buy a lot of books at thrift stores, books are so expensive! I do like that first purse you got, there looks like there is a lot of room in there. Good post.

Kimmie said...

Wow, Rebecca you got so much fun stuff.

I love the sailor pants, I'd love a pair for me. :-)

So cute and so fun to go shopping with your mum!

Happy thrifting. Can't wait to find a free evening to run out to our *Savers* with my girlfriends. They are asking, I just need to find a free night. Soon I hope.

your friend;
mama to 8
one homemade and 7 adopted