Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Week in feminine dress Day 3

Hey everyone!

Well I forgot to post my outfit for yesterday. But over at the sense and sensibility forum, they are doing a week in feminine dress, where you wear feminine and modest clothing for a week. Even though I already strive to do so, I thought I would share with everyone what I am wearing. So here it todays outfit.

The outfit I posted on monday was day 1 of the challenge. hehe and you can see my closet behind me! its pretty organized. I spent a while yesterday fixing it up some yesterday. I had put away some sweaters that I had to get back out since it turned cold today.

The yellow sweater is the gap brand, but I got it for free when I was helping with a christian clothing drive at my church. I love helping people get their own clothing and it was fun to be able to go through clothing and get what I wanted after the event was over. I found a lot of gems!

I love love love this necklace!!! Ashley Nicole over at bramblewood fashion posted about her own and I then fell in love with it! :) My aunt and uncle gave it to me for my birthday in april.

My skirt is from new creation apparel, which you can see the link to under my favorite links at the bottom of my blog.

I also wanted to share some poems that I found this week that I thought were loving and uplifting.

"Be with me Lord, where e'r my path may lead;
fulfil thy word, supply my every need;
Help me to live each day more close to thee.
And, O dear Lord, I pray abide with me.
In all I think or speak or do,
Whatever way my steps are bent,
God shape and keep me strong and true
Courageous, cheerful, and content."

-unknown from the book,"Poems with Power to Strengthen the Soul" compiled by Mudge

"Give me this day a little work to occupy my mind;
A little suffering to sanctify my spirit; and
dear Lord, if thou canst find
Some little good that I may do for thee
I shall be glad, for that will comfort me.
Mind, Spirit, hand, I will lift all to thee."

-unknown from the same book

God bless and have a wonderful tuesday!

In Christ,


All photos are the property of Lindsey Mae and Rebecca Ann and may only be used with permission.


Luci said...

What a pretty skirt - and I love your necklace, too! :)


SinginginHisName said...

gracias Luci! I love dressing nicely! :)

Stephanie Ann said...

I love your skirt. The photos are gorgeous too.