Monday, March 14, 2011

Yes another video.......

but this one is so neat! :) I have been doing well taking a break from blog land. But this past weekend I started reading a few blogs each day. I have just not been reading as many and not been going on the computer as much. So computer is back in my life, but its being used as a tool, instead of a distraction. I pray the Lord would help that to stay that way! :)

My pastor posted this video on our churches blog over here-
thought it was a great way to see how all of the Bible connects! Its amazing!

In Christ,

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Miss Linda said...

You've been missed, dear Rebecca, but I also struggle with the amount of time on the Internet. It just seems much too easy to sit down and start clicking away, and before I know it an entire hour (or more) is gone. It is something I really have to monitor in my own life. I admire you very much for committing to take a step back and really examine your usage. It really gives evidence of your commitment to live a godly life!

I have sometimes toyed with the idea of getting rid of the Internet altogether, but since I do not have a television the Internet is my only source of news (well, that and the radio). I guess I use that as an excuse to keep the Internet. *sigh* I think for me it comes down to using it moderately but not becoming a slave to it, and not allowing it to become a stumbling block.

Besides, if I disconnected my Internet altogether I would miss out on "meeting" sisters like you--and that would just be too sad! :)