Monday, March 21, 2011

New glasses and thrifting

Hey everyone!

I have been doing my blog break for a while now and I have gotten so much done! Praise the Lord! I decided that I would do an update even though I will not have time to do another post before the month is out. I have a lot of studying, sewing, and song writing to accomplish.

But here is my outfit I am wearing today. Its 100% thrifted except for my shoes and stocking, jewelry, and glasses. Yes I finally have gotten glasses, for almost 20 years I did not need them, but now I needed them to be able to drive at night and see things a long distance away. I am still not used to them and its strange wearing them. But yes my sister says I look scholarly. :) They are brown frames and I tried to get a pair that brought more attention to my face than the glasses. Hopefully I accomplished that. :) Seems most people wear the square black frames these days, but they seem to bring more attention to your glasses than your face. So I did not go for that look. :)

The black dress was only $4.10 at my local thrift store, they were having a half off day on clothing. I was so excited! My friend Ginny over at A ladies resource blog says that it resembles the 1940's style of dresses. I agree with her! The fitted look of the dress and gathers on the shoulders I believe does resemble the 40's, but this is a merino brand target dress. I love the vintage inspired look.
Yes I am wearing those turquoise stockings again. Love them to compliment my necklace that was given to me and made by a dear friend.

 I also was able to thrift this pair of sandals 2 weeks ago for only $.50!! Yes you heard right, only 50 cents! I wanted to share them because I am trying to figure out if I should paint them or not. I have always wanted black peep toe wedge sandals. These are tan, but I am not sure how to go about painting them, I am thinking not spray paint after reading that was bad for leather. I found a few blogs where they said a certain brand of paint was for leather shoes. I am not even sure if these are fake or real leather. If anyone has any ideas please do tell! ;)

Have a lovely rest of your day dear friends! I will post more about my music writing probably in April when I get a chance and more vintage dresses and other thrifted items I have bought recently for spring.
In Christ,


KatySue Pillsbury said...

Lovely outfit!

Miss Linda said...

The outfit is beautiful and the glasses are very subtle. I think you made a very nice choice on frames.

Ana Smith said...

Don't you look gorgeous today!

Emily said...

soo cute!!

Shey said...

wow you look amazing, I'm glad that break gave you time to rest, I can't believe you found those beautiful sandals for .50 cents! That is a blessing! =D

SinginginHisName said...

thank you so much everyone! I had fun wearing my new dress. I will be Lord willing posting more today about my other vintage/vintage inspired thrift finds.

Shey yes it was a much needed rest! I am glad I did it and I am still trying not to get into blog land too much these days. But its hard. I am only doing 1 hour of internet a day where as I used to do 3 or 4! what a waste of time!

Do any of you have ideas for painting my shoes?! Please do tell me any ideas you may have.

In Christ,