Friday, March 25, 2011

Great etsy store tool

Hey everyone!

I just bought some great zippers from a great etsy store called Zipit-
I am so excited to recieve her great stuff in the mail! Her zippers are a super great price compared to buying from Joann! Do have a glance at her store.
I also found on her blog this great tool called etsy shop widgets! I have one in my side bar now, which displays my etsy store a lot better than my old one. Here is the website-

I am just so excited about this new widget! I hope more people will be intrigued by my etsy store now that I have this great advertising on my blog.
God bless!

1 comment:

Miss Linda said...

I love that widget! It looks wonderful on your site! I'll have to go visit her Etsy store. (I buy my zippers at JoAnn's, too, when they are on sale.)