Sunday, March 27, 2011

Tour of my room

I had posted some pictures a long time ago of my room when I thought it was approved. But now its much better. Its my haven when I am not in the kitchen, sewing/craft room, or living room with my family. I do most of my time in my closet with the Lord, creative thinking, and studying time in this room. So I thought it needed a much needed face lift a few months ago in january. I have been periodically adding my vintage and other antique and handmade things to have it be more homey and a place I want to be. :) Above I am so happy with my new book tower. I have seen many people do this, so I thought it would be a great way to display what I love to read and have a visual effect.
The whole room, I love the freshness of the green walls with the white down comforter, as well as the dark wood. The dresser I found on the side of the road for free! The desk is my mothers and she is letting me use it. My hope chest is on the wall at the end of the bed and is cherry wood as well. I love dark wood! Can you tell?!
My theme for my room is fresh vintage/ antique homey elegance. I wanted the room to reflect my love for all things old fashioned and vintage. Thus I have a lot of vintage floral fabrics, dried roses from my parents from graduation and my 18th birthday and doilies and hankies displayed.
I figured out the idea for the doilies and hankies tacked on my walls from just an idea in my head. Yes I am actually creative without another blogger coming up with it first! hehe Maybe someone has, but I have never seen it before. :)But the idea of the vintage lace as a earring holder was from blogger Olivia over at
Her blog is lovely, so do have a glance as it. :)
Yes I am sharing my closet because its improved to me. But its not exactly picture perfect. But I do have it pretty organized. All my reenacting dresses which is 3 different eras are in the plastic bins and thats my carpet bag sitting there, it needs to find a home on the top shelf. :) My dresses that I wear for modern wear are all on the right side of the closet and then going from left to right skirts, sweaters/cardigans, and tops long and short sleeve. I am also blessed to have a hanging space on the far left for scarves and purses my dad put in a while ago. Now you can see it. :) I also put all my shoes on top of the bins with more purses. And the shelf below the clothing is more clothing that I fold as my dresser I do not store clothing in it! I store a lot of stuff for my hope chest that would not fit and exercise clothing and pj's. Not clothing that needs to be ready to access quickly each day.

I also made two new pillows for my bed. They are made from thrifted pillow forms that were 4 dollars a peice, but one of them is down. So that is a plus! :) The pink one with the pretty florettes on it was made from a skirt my sister was not using any more. I love it! The blue and brown floral one was from some sale fabric at joann's I had in my stash. So it was all pretty frugal fabric wise, free! The little embroidered, well its not embroidery I realize, but don't remember the name of that type of needle work was also thrifted for 4 dollars. Yes on the more expensive side, but I could not pass it up! It matches my room so well with the vintage needle work. :)

I was able to get all the doilies for free from a friend who owns a thrift store called Thrifty sisters! Its adorable and she is always so nice and she gave me these doilies on my walls for free! She thought since I love vintage/antique stuff I could use them for reenacting, but they were too pretty for camp life. :) So I am displaying an older ladies handy work on my walls. :) I believe she would be happy about that. All that work! :)

The vintage hankies I can not remember how much I paid, but they were probably 1 dollar to 50 cents each. I do have some I use on a regular basis, but I have so many of them I thought they would go well with the doilies on the walls. I also have some vintage scarves and more doilies above my window. I could not get a clear picture of them though. Maybe another time. Its adorable in person! Those scarves were also probably a dollar and the doilies were free. I love thrifted and free stuff! Have you been decorating your spaces latley with anything vintage or antique!? Its so much fun isn't it?! 

Have a lovely Sunday eve and I pray you Sunday was not only refreshing, but convicting as much as mine was! 
In Christ


Melanie said...

Okay, Rebecca...I LOVE your room. And all the books...totally me. ;) I need some bookshelves..right now they are on my desk, in my window seat, in drawers, on my nightstand, on my hat
Truly...that is a lovely room!

Thank you for your comment on my post! I know how it is and I will be praying for you!! I am so glad that you found some encouragment in that post. *hug*
Your sister in Christ,

SinginginHisName said...

thank you Melanie! I am flattered. Yes I love my books too! I need more shelves! But I am trying to keep it to just the two with the little green one in the corner. :) My problem is all my music books on the floor! I did not show that. :) it was concealed with some hat boxes on top. :) Do try thrift stores! they seem to have lots of book shelves for good prices a lot.

Yes I was so encouraged! I have been reading your blog every day! I need to do more spiritual posts! I do once in a while, but I am inspired to share my heart more on this blog. :) Hugs to you as well sister!

In Christ

Stephanie Ann said...

Your room is very pretty! It looks like the perfect retreat. Unfortunately decorating is one of those things I am without. I love the colors you used.

Anonymous said...

So pretty, Becca! I love the vintage look, though I'm more of a lighter-colored wood fan, what a pleasant retreat!

Victoria / Justice Pirate said...

what a beautifully decorated bedroom!! very wonderful. Mine is soooo empty in comparison. eek!

SinginginHisName said...

Thank you everyone! Its not much, just my space. :) I love having things I love around me such as vintage and antique stuff and books, definitely helps me to be creative and joyful in the Lord.

Victoria glad you found my blog! I enjoy reading yours to! welcome to my blog.

In Christ,

Ana Smith said...

What a lovely room. I've been needing some inspiration to stop and fix up my room a bit. It's such a mess right now! I absolutely love your doily idea and the new pink pillow!

Beth Ann said...

Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment the other day! I totally agree...playing the "Glad Game" can be really hard because it's so easy to only think about ourselves and what we want (and never being happy), instead of pouring our lives into serving others. Roy Roger's once said, "The only happiness you get to keep is the happiness you give away." I think Pollyanna had that figured out. ;)

Have a great day today!
Beth Ann

Beth Ann said...

Oh! I forgot to mention...I love this post! lol You have a lovely room. :)

Ashleigh said...

Your room has such a warm and vintage feel to it. It's very cute! I love it!:)

SinginginHisName said...

thank you everyone!Beth Ann I have really been convicted lately about pouring out myself to serve others! My grandparents are coming in today and I have been joyfully getting the house ready with my mom and sister. Its so great to serve others especially family! PSalm 119 really convicted me of this yesterday, We live not for selfish gain! WOW! Am I really living for others or for myself? Then I realized that I usually am living for myself, so I am trying to live more for Christ and by living for Him serving others. :)

I love vintage too! glad you all enjoyed this post!

In Christ,