Thursday, January 27, 2011

A Sewing Frenzy

Hey everyone!

I have been so busy sewing this week due to all the snow. Today I have to get back with the program and study a lot for college. Yesterday was a sewing day basically. I sewed up two bias plaid skirts in the morning and studied some in the afternoon. Not as much as I could have and then sewed a purse and a shoe bag for our trip to Williamsburg next week. Yes I am sewing all of this stuff for the trip we will going on next weekend. I am so glad to finally use these fabrics up and it was sure a lot of fun. Pictures of the bias skirts hopefully by saturday since they are still unhemmed.

Here is the tutorial I used for the purse last night. I am quite pleased with the result! So so cute and practical!

And here is the result! The great thing about these projects is the fabric was free!!! 
 The red courdory was from our neighbor and it was just enough for this purse. Her husbands mother passed away and there was a treasure trove of fabrics that she just gave to Bethany and I to use. How delightful to get free fabric. I wish I knew more about the woman who owned the fabrics. I am going to go over to my neighbors house later today and show her this purse and ask her about the seamstress the fabric came from.
I did exactly what the tutorial said and it turned out great. The only thing I changed was adding the bow to set it off better. I thought it added a great touch. It would have been boring without it I thought. The black and white plaid suiting is left over from one of the bias skirts I also made yesterday. I had lots of big scraps left to play with. I even have more! The purse did not use a lot of them.
Yes it even fits all my stuff and can even fit my little Bible when I go off to church and the big camera too if needed. Its the perfect size purse in opinion. I usually carry too much, I have big purses, but this purse is smaller than I usually carry, but thats a good thing I believe. :)
I also made a shoe bag for my shoes when we go to Williamsburg out of some left over suiting scraps from the other skirt I made yesterday as well. I love the cherry floral print on top of the plaid. Its adorable! I made up the pattern based off of a shoe bag my sister owns. I plan to sew up another one out of the plaid suiting as well today.

Well hope these small projects inspired you to sew on your snow day as well! I am loving the snow, even though other bloggers say they hate it. :) I just love it! Winter is my favorite season. So all in all my projects were free! love that!

Have a lovely thursday!

In Christ,


Anonymous said...

What wonderful ideas you have shared Rebecca! I especially like the bag...very bright and cheery! :)

Enjoy your trip dear friend and don't forget to study!


Miss Virginia said...

I am loving all the snow too! We're going to go sledding here in a minute. ;) That bag is absolutely adorable! I love getting free fabric too, like you I've had a lot of older ladies give me their scraps & things they no longer use. I think they're glad to see sewing is occupying another generation. :) I know what you mean about sewing/ or the other takes priority and then there's no time left to do anything else! You either sew or you study, lol. I am having trouble keeping to a schedule with that.
Have fun on your trip!


Stephanie Ann said...

The bag is so cute! I also love your shoe bags, it is always a problem packing shoes that are liable to get your clothing dirty. Have a really great trip. Williamsburg is so beautiful.