Sunday, January 23, 2011

I'm working towards the opening.....

of the etsy store this week. I am so sorry its not been up yet! We have had some complications that I did not anticipate with getting me my own bank account. So I will definately let you all know on here when its officially opened! Here is what I was doing today for a special sneak peek.

The piles above of some projects coming together for the store. You will have to be suprised as to what the triangles turn into. :)

Coasters that are granny squares! I thought en genius! :)
 table runners such as the one above will be available soon!
Crocheted banners as well to hang in your windows or in your door ways and walls to cheer up the room! And below the mess when I am sewing for the store with my earl grey tea at hand on a crocheted coaster. :)
My whole space while I was sewing and listening to Abigail Adams letters by Mrs. Botkin from Vision Forum. You can buy it over here-

Its really great and I totally recommend it for history for homeschooling or learning on your own about the war for independence in America! Its great to hear from a wife and mothers perspective. I hope your Sabbath was blessed and was refreshing to start the new week. Mine sure was!

In Christ,

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