Saturday, January 1, 2011

Our Christmas

Hey everyone!

Here are some pictures from my families Christmas. I hope yours was also merry and bright with laughter and joy as we worshipped our Lord the One who saved us by giving us His Son! Praise God for Jesus Christ!
 I made my mother these napkins for our Christmas dinner table.
 There will be similar ones in my etsy shop when I open it next week. They are made of linen and cotton as well as vintage fabrics from our scrap baskets.

 They can be fancy or for every day use as seen in the above photos. We used them for a casual breakfast in our pj's and a fancy one in our nice clothing for dinner later that day. Here is the outfit I wore for Christmas day and eve. I bought the cloche hat from FeltFancy Etsy Store and love love love her sewing job! Its a gorgeous cloche and goes with everything I wear really! Sorry the pictures could not be turned, so they are side ways. Oh well! I also received the wool plaid skirt from my dear parents Christmas eve in time to wear with my new cloche to the evening service. It was perfect! I adore this vintage treasure. It was bought from Dalatlanta etsy store and I adore it! It was a great price and in time and is well made. I believe it is from the 1950's, which is my favorite vintage era!!

 Below you can see it with another skirt that my sister made for my to wear last christmas and I love it as well! It gives a more funky modern look to the outfit I believe than the more old fashion 30's look of the plaid skirt. The jacket I also bought recently from the PX on the army base when we went renew my military I.D. since my dad is a retired veteren. I love the PX! Its almost like a marshalls or a Ross for you civilians. :) All discounted clothing.

Above and below our Christmas feast. I thought you all would love seeing my mothers german dishes with Christmas trees on them and all the italian crystal glass wear. :) We go fancy for Christmas.

My sister lighting all our candles above. :)

Well have a wonderful rest of the first day of new year and I can't wait to go and start my new journal and I am loving Josh Grobans new CD Illuminations. :)

In Christ,


Angel said...

Hi Rebecca!

You have such a lovely blog here! Your Christmas photos are quite lovely. :D I'm glad you had such a nice Christmas!

Have a blessed day!

Ashley Nicole said...

Happy New Year, Rebecca!!!!

While I like your first outfit. Your second outfit is just drawing me in. I LOVE it. Plus, purple is my new favorite color, along with pink. :)


Anonymous said...

What a blessed Christmas dear friend.

I truly am enjoying your new "look".

Maria :)