Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Sermons, Bible verses, and books goals

Hey everyone!

I am truly trying to spend less time in blog land and more time reading, listening to sermons, and memorizing the Word. Its really been great as I have learned so much more than I do reading blogs and tutorials about sewing and such all day. :) I love sewing and crocheting while listening to a sermon or audio book. I do this while reading books sometimes as well. Its great when the book is heavy because it will stay opened for you on its own. Otherwise I use another book to have my book opened while hand sewing or crocheting.

I never really listened to sermons on the computer before except when I missed a sermon at my own church. So I am listening to Scott Browns sermons on Romans from 2008. They have really been encouraging! You can listen to them for free here. I am always encouraged my Scott Browns teaching and I have enjoyed many of his books as well. I recommend Family Reformation: The legacy of Sola Scriptura in Calvin's Geneva, as well as A Church in the Home, and his audio CD about Gossip. You can buy them all from the Vision Forum store.

I also recommend my pastors sermons, which are also always convicting! Do have a listen on my churches website Grace Baptist Church sermons.

So I hope you all will join me listening to sermons regularly. Its been an encouragement to me this new year!

I finished Hinds Feet to High Places last night and its a great read! Its so inspiring and challenging. A few things I need to put into practice and I learned from this read was I need to give over everything in my life to the Lord. I need to remember I am not my own, I am the Lords temple. Therefore, I need to give over my desires that are of the flesh and let the Lord reform my desires to match His for my life.
I also need to as MuchAfraid (the main character) did become Acceptance with Joy. Every time something happens and the Lord wants me to do it and I don't want to I have to accept it with joy. Its so hard for me many a time to accept circumstances with joy. But the Lord is the only way I can accept my lot in this life with joy. When I remember the Cross I can be joyful because the Lord took my shame and my pain and died for my sins and He rose again and is now seated at the right hand of God. Praise God I can have acceptance with joy because of Jesus.

I also finished The Freedom and Power of Forgiveness by John MacArthur on Sunday. It was an amazing jounrney reading this because I have such a hard time forgiving others many a time as well all do. But one thing I found while finishing it up on Sunday was my pardon of sin from the Lord is not a hope of pardon. I am not hoping that I will be pardoned of my sins, I have assurance of my pardon! I can be absolutely sure of my pardon because Christ has done a work in me, He transformed me and has been molding me to be more and more in love with Him the Savior of my life. I died to sin and am now raised in to a new life. So realizing that I am not hoping for pardon from sin and I am pardoned really just struck me! Praise God for His grace and mercy on me a sinner.

Also while reading this, I realized I had to forgive a certain friend, not in front of that person, but in my heart. I had not truly forgiven this person for hurting me with their words, I had not forgiven her as Christ forgave me. So I urge you ladies! Don't become bitter and start to hate that person in your heart as I did. Love them and forgive them as Christ forgave you a wretched sinner who deserved no better than to be left wallowing in sin. Forgive that brother or sister with love and compassion because Christ did the same for you!

I am also wanting to memorize even more Scripture this month. Romans 1 and 1 Corinthians 4 are on my list. Hopefully I can do it in the Lords strength. I will update my progress soon.

Oh and by the way my etsy store is set to open at the end of next week Lord willing. My dad has to help me set up the online store and such. So please be in your prayers for that.
Also my sister Bethany will be very absent from her blog this week as she is getting her wisdom teeth out this morning. If you remember please pray for her recovery to be fast and that she will not be in much pain. I get to play nurse and serve her smoothies and soup on a fun tray and watch movies with her. So I am not complaining. It will be nice for me. Hopefully somewhat fun for her too. :)

In Christ,


Miss Virginia said...

Very inspiring Becca! I love what you are posting here, keep it going!

I am also praying for Bethany, I have to have mine out soon too and I am very scared, lol. Send her a get well message from me!


The Grove Family said...

We will be praying for Bethany!
The Groves

SinginginHisName said...

Hey Ginny and Grove family! Thank you so much for praying for Bethany! She is doing better, but her face is still pretty swollen! Pray for less pain and a speedy recovery! Miss you all!

In Christ,