Saturday, January 8, 2011

Praise Moves DVDs

Hello everyone!
I thought as its the new year 2011 I would post what I have been doing for exercise lately. It has been a new years goal(not resolution) for me to exercise regularly as much as I can. With so many other things to do its hard for me to want to exercise. But this website is great!-
It has made me excited to get up in the morning and exercise! Its an alternative to yoga and is not yoga. I repeat this is not yoga.:) Its called Praise Moves. And it is great because its memorizing Scripture and meditating on it while you are exercising! What a concept. I said to my sister why did we not do this sooner! We have the AM And PM DVD as well as the Power Praise Moves DVD. We love them both!

I especially love the new AM PM DVD because you can do it in the morning and evening each day. I have not done this. But I use the morning one mostly. I also use the strength one on the Power Praise moves DVD as well as the ab workout. I did the ab workout this evening after not doing it for weeks and it felt good and also was difficult. But I can't wait to get my abs in better shape. they are weak, but God is strong! :)

Hope this encourages you all to exercise and maybe do Laurettes DVDs. They are great for remembering to start our day with the Lord as well as exercising.

In Christ,


Anonymous said...

This is a great is great exercise - as long as it is used as an exercise - not religion!

What a wonderful goal - I will join you this year on this one :)


Laurette said...

Glory to God, Rebecca Ann!

I'm so thankful you are enjoying PraiseMoves ("The Christian ALTERNATIVE to yoga!"). Thank you for sharing the good word!

Here's where your readers can see the promo video you mentioned (AM-PM PraiseMoves DVD) - and save $5 as a Special Offer to readers of your blog: