Monday, January 10, 2011

January Reading List 2011

Hey everyone!

I thought I would share what I reading this month, I have made my list of reading for all the way till July! Its so fun to do and hopefully I can read them all in on month!

1. I just finished is The Power and Freedom of Forgiveness by John MacArthur and its amazing! what a great one to read at such a good time in my life to read it! I really needed this as its so important for us to forgive others because Christ forgave us when He did not have to! All the more we should learn to forgive our brothers and sisters because first Christ forgave us. So it really should not be so hard to forgive, but for me it has been. I am still learning!

2. The second one I plan to finish tonight is Hinds Feet To High Places and I love it! Its such a beautiful allegory of the christian life. I have really been challenged to give my everything to the Lord. Even the little and even the big things in my life. Last night I read about how the main character named Much Afraid gave a sacrifice of loving a suitor. She gave to the Lord if she would ever get married! She gave up the one thing that since she was a little girl she probably wanted to be, a wife. ladies we need to do the same! Can you give up your dream of getting married to one man and be married to the Lord of Lords! I can! But its hard.

3. The third one Her Hands came Away Red, I am in the middle of reading and so far its been a good read. But I would not recommend this one for young readers. The 2 I mentioned above I recommend highly for all ages that can comprehend them. This one I recommend for ages 16 and older. Its about a gal who goes on a missions trip and really does not have a relationship with the Lord. But I am hoping that eventually she loves the Lord in the end. It is not about a gal who was homeschooled or really had a good relationship with her parents. But I used to be that girl and I can relate to her. So so far its been a great read.

4. The 4th one I bought thrifted and I still have not gotten very far. Its very slow going, but I am learning a lot about the Pilgrims and their journey to the new world(America). Its called The Plymouth Adventure. Now I am not very far in it, so I will have to share my thoughts about it after I have read more.

5. The 5th one is really good so far and I could not put it down! I love how this lady describes all areas of life to be an education. I love how she writes and its very encouraging in a world that does not call home the center of our lives and industry. Its called For the Family's Sake. Its practical and really paints a picture of how we can as sinners create a place in our home that glorifies our Lord.

6. I have yet to get very far in this one either. AbrahamLincoln is apart of the heros of history series and my family has most of them. I have never read one. So I am trying to change that. I don't really realize who Lincoln really was, some say he was a tyrannical ruler, some say he was the greatest president. Hopefully from this one and some other reads I can find out the story behind the man. Without him we would not have a United States! We would have a divided states, so I do not believe he was a bad president or a tyrant.

Well I hope you all are reading great reads too! And I would love to hear what your lists are for the new year too! Also if you have read any of these tell me what you thought about them.

In Christ,


Christine said...

Terrific reading list! I recently posted mine as well! Blessings!

Anonymous said...

Excellent books...I have Hinds Feet to High is a very good read!


Miss Linda said...

Thank you for sharing your reading list. I hope you will post more of your impressions about these books as you read through them. I certainly enjoyed reading your impressions thus far. Have a blessed week!