Thursday, July 14, 2011

Thrifting haul

Hey everyone! I thought I would do a thrifting video of some recent things I have found at my local thrift stores. Hope you enjoy! I could not figure out to how to not make it side ways. I know thats pretty tacky and sorry about that! Anyways, hope you are enjoying your summer vacation.

In Christ,


Victoria / Justice Pirate said...

my neck hurts trying to watch hehehe. I love your skirt. it's really nice and the best out of the bunch!

Stephanie Ann said...

That skirt is gorgeous! These movies are fun. Next time you'll just have to film sideways. :D

maid_at_the_well said...

Hi Rebecca! I love your thrifting videos! I think that it would be really fun and informative if you did do a video of you shopping at your thrift store. I would love to see something like that. I really love your yellow skirt. That is definitely something I would love to wear myself, with the ruffles and the tie. Yellow isn't usually my color, I go for more blues and greens, but I love it a lot. So light, summery, and elegant.

It is an interesting point that you bring up about thrifting vs retail because of slavery in other countries. I have never really thought about it. That is sobering. I would love to be able to do more of my own sewing and not relying going to store. I do not like shopping necessarily. Haha. I have been desiring to do my own sewing, I have TONS of fabric that I have bought, but whatever the Lord wills since I hardly have the time right now. Anyway, I think it is awesome that you are becoming more self-reliant in that area. You are very blessed! :)

Rebecca Ann said...

Hey maid at the well, yes I usually don't do yellow either, near my face that is, so this skirt was something pretty out there for me! :)

Yes I too have tons of fabric and really don't sew too many of my own clothes, I am trying to do more of that instead of buying. But thrifting really is just as good for me! I can alter or adjust the clothing and then its faster than sewing the whole garment. But I have made one blouse lately and I am working on another one. So thats a start! I am praying you find the time to do more sewing when you can!
I will try and do a video inside a thrift store sometime soon. I have decided to not buy any clothing right now. So maybe I will just go to the thrift store and show how to look through and find things, but not buy the fun items I find. :) That would be hard! But I can do it for my readers right?!

In Christ,

maid_at_the_well said...

Hi Rebecca!

Yes, you can do it for your readers! ;) It is a hard job, but it must be done. Hehe. It would be a fun and informative video, though, and I think your readers would enjoy it a lot. And yes, finding things at a thrift store is much easier than sewing things from scratch. I have this prom dress that is kind of vintage-esque style and I am updating it with some accessories, fabric flowers, and such to make it more vintage as well as to cover up some unsightly rips in the bodice! Haha. That will be a fun project and much faster than sewing up a dress! I will have to post a pic on FB when I get around to that project.

I look forward to seeing your finished blouse, if you post about it. :)