Saturday, July 2, 2011

Alaska adventures

My family and I have been having a lovely time here in Alaska. We have been able to see a lot of lovely places and be with family each day here. Praise God for His creation and family that proclaim Him as Lord.Above is a picture of the Exit Glacier. We hiked up to it while we have been here with our family.
My family and I above in front of the Glacier and then I found some pretty wild flowers to photograph as well. I was excited about this photo above! I love the colors of the glacier up against the fushia wild flowers and green leaves. :)
All of the family together in front of the Glacier above. It was fun being able to see so many things with them all!
The mountains here are so beautiful! I still can't get over it. How fitting it was to worship our Lord in front of His creation. It was a lovely day and it was a treat to be able to be in his creation with family. Above and below you can see we had hiked from down there to where I was standing to take the photos. It was magnificent! I hope you all are having a lovely summer and more photos coming when we get home from the trip probably later in the new week.

In Christ,


Gabrielle said...

What a neat blog! I recently started a blog at I would be honored if you would check it out and consider becoming a follower. Thank you!

Sarah said...

What a fun trip! Alaska is such a beautiful state, and the scenery and wildlife is incredible. I'm glad you enjoyed your time there!

Victoria / Justice Pirate said...

It seems like it is such a gorgeous place to go to or live in. I don't know how people could go to places like that and not believe in God, that's for certain. By the way, I posted myself wearing one of the dresses you let me borrow!!!! I still have ONE more to wear for photos and then I'll send your stuff back to you!!