Thursday, July 7, 2011

Alaska Adventures Part 2

Hey everyone!

Well I am home from AK and I have so many things to share with you all. We had a wonderful time and the Lord was so good to use getting us home safe and sound Tuesday. Yes we flew on the 4th of July and missed the fire works, but it was a great day anyways. We hiked to the Thunderbird Falls and spent time with family before we left that day.

You part the waters Lord and calm the raging seas! Our God is amazing and controls everything even the waters! Water has always amazed me!

 My family and I climbing rocks in a river on our way to see the Gold mine called Independence Mine which was established in the 1930s and closed in the 1950s. It is located in Hatchers Pass, its just beautiful!

 The mine above, you can see the mess hall I believe where the miners stayed and ate.
 My cousin Mike just being himself. :)
 Me and Mike walking briskly in the rain to get to the mine.
Mike, Courtney, Beth, and I on the rocks in the river. Love my cousins and miss you all so much already!
The actual mine is really falling apart! It was amazing to see though! The mine was not even underground as you would expect a mine to be, it went straight through the mountain! pretty amazing they had to do some major blasting to do that!

Ducklings and their mother swimming in the lake where many float planes land and fly from in Anchorage, AK.
We even got to go to the Iditarod headquarters!
They even had sled rides on a rigged sled that worked on the dirt, but we did not get to ride in it. These huskies were not the actual dogs this family uses for their racing, but they are huskies. Pretty cute!
My cousin Mike had a baseball game and we braved the whole thing even though there was supposed to be showers. Praise God they stayed away the whole evenings! He did a good job and even though his team lost had a great attitude about it. :)
We went to the plane museum in Anchorage, AK near my grandparents house. We saw lots of float planes heading out that day! You can see one flying above.
Yes I did not dress in sweat shirts and jean skirts and capris the whole time I was there, when there was opportunity I wore my vintage heals and circle skirt. :)
We sang and played the piano and harp at the nursing home where my grandmother lives a few times while we were in AK. I enjoyed it a lot and it definitely gave me opportunity to share the Gospel through the songs I have written and many hymns as well. I enjoyed talking to the elderly there. They are so sweet and appreciative and many love the Lord in AK! what an encouragement!
My mother playing while my grandfather led the music for the church service at the nursing home Sunday morning.
All the residents who live there singing and worshiping the Lord together.
My mother learned how to play the harp this year with the help of my sister and their harp teacher. She plays so well!

Beth of course played and many people said it was so soothing and praised the Lord along with her.
Thunder Bird Falls in Wasilla, Ak. It was so beautiful in person! can't capture it with a camera.

My cousin found some roots just his size on the hike. :)

My parents, they celebrated their 27th wedding anniversary in June and I just love them so much! They have encouraged me so much as they trust the Lord together on this earth.

And to complete the trip, the last day we were there in Anchorage, Ak we saw a beautiful rainbow!    
What a marvelous sign from the Lord that there will be no more pain and that we have hope in Him!


Victoria / Justice Pirate said...

oh wow. I think people who can play the harp are so cool because I think of King David. It would be awesome to learn to play one. that's crazy that the mine is all down like that too.

Essie said...

Good Gracious! You came to Alaska? I live about 15 miles from Wasilla! :O I wish I knew you were coming... it would have been tons of fun to meet another CollegePlus! student! But I'm glad you and your family had a great time here. :)

Rebecca Ann said...

Essie I did not think to see if any CP students were there. Sorry! Maybe I can meet you someday?!! God bless!


Essie said...

Yess! If you ever come back, we will most definitely have to get together. ;)

Btw, my username on CP! Forums is esthermmielke.. just so you know who I am. :D