Monday, July 11, 2011

Tangled- Really encouraging rebellion and immorality

Hey ladies,

Over my vacation in Alaska, my family and I watched this movie that I have heard many christians raving about lately. I was curious, so we watched and I regret that my young cousin watched this movie. I read the review here-
and it really just confirmed how I felt about the movie. Rapunzel rebelling from her mother and running away with a complete stranger is not what we want our daughters or sons to be doing! Staying over night in a forest all alone with the complete stranger is also unacceptable. Now I am not saying that many of you who like this movie shame on you! I am just warning you that this movie can have influence on young women and men that is not going to glorify God. I watched the movie and it did have not have an effect on me to steer me away from my faith. But little children's minds are very much mold-able and can be swayed away from the Lord. So I have been rethinking a lot lately what I should be watching and what I would let my children watch when I have children of my own. I am finding that most everything these days has sensual or sexual undertones and rebellion undertones in most TV shows and movies. I found myself when we went to see Pirates of the Caribbean 3 a few weeks ago saying why is this the best the movie industry can do? Why is there not anything better out there to watch? I did not like the movie with all the bad stuff that was in it and no the" missionary guy" was not all that perfect either! Hey we are all sinners, but why did he have to go for the non christian mermaid?

My point basically is that I am finding that most anything I watch these days is not getting me closer to being holy and righteous or closer to my God. I am finding that lots of older movies are the way to go and TV shows. So I would encourage you all to monitor what you are watching and see if its edifying or Christ honoring.

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Miss Linda said...

I have not seen the movie "Tangled" but have heard others describe it in much the same way you have--a movie that glorifies disobedience on the part of the female protagonist and very little of the "meek and quiet spirit" that is of such great price in the eyes of God.

Many years ago I came to the conclusion that secular entertainment should have no place in my life. The messages put forth in movies, television programs, and even advertisements are all contrary to godly principles. I got rid of my television altogether. I also realized that by going to a movie theatre or renting a movie, I was financially supporting a movie studio that was producing ungodly material. It didn't matter whether the particular movie I saw in the theatre or rented from a rental store was not a bad movie, my funds were still being used to finance an industry that was poisoning minds. I just couldn't do it in all good conscience.

I also read William Law's book "The Absolute Unlawfulness of Stage Entertainments". It was published in 1765, but the principles that the author discusses are surprisingly relevant to contemporary culture.

It is extremely encouraging to see that you recognize the dangers of a movie like "Tangled" and are not swept away mindlessly by a popular movie!

Vicki said...

Thanks for reviewing this movie for us, Rebecca - I haven't seen it, but I was planning to at some point before reading your review. Truthfully, almost every Disney movie glorifies disobedience in some form or fashion, so I'm not terribly surprised. :-)

I loved your 1940s swing dress, by the way ... a little off topic and belated, but I meant to let you know that. :-)

Have a wonderful day!

Love in Christ,