Friday, July 1, 2011

Battle of Vienna 150th anniversary

Hi everyone! I have been very very busy as of late enjoying these summer days that seem to be going by so so quickly! We did the reenactment that was really close by our home right before we left to see my family right now in Alaska. So here are some photos from the event of me and my family. It was just my family and I for the weekend event because the rest of our living history group had other commitments such as family passing away and adoption. So it was different just our family setting up both of our flys and tents. But it was a great experience and a blessing!
My sister Bethany above quilting with one of our friends. This is the quilt I made with her this past year and now we are quilting at each reenactment we go to little by little.
Me again in front of our encampment cooking some apple fritters. They are sort of similar to pancakes, except much thicker. They stand alone and taste great for a great snack or lunch or breakfast. We were able to try out our flat cast iron skillets for the first time over the open fire. We use them all the time at home over our modern gas stove, but this was the first time over the open fire out of doors. I love doing cooking demonstrations and many people did not even know much about using cast iron and the curing process or that you need to grease them with butter or coconut oil or lard in order to cook with them. I love teaching about how they lived in the 1860s!
Some little boys that came to the event with their parents and grandparents bought some of our signal flag sets at the event. They seemed to enjoy getting their photo done by yours truly. :) It was fun seeing them learn to signal with my dad!
You can see in the front of our encampment our table where we sold many homemade goods we made from scratch. Such as soaps, linens, aprons, and bonnets, and the signal flag sets. You can buy all of these items off of our website called Vienna Woods Historical Reproductions. Its in my favorite websites list here on my blog.
You can see my dad in action above teaching some children and their mom about the telegraph and how it was the main way of communication between the lines of battle during the civil war. Besides letters it was the main way to get messages between the different troops. You can go to our website called The Magnetic Telegraph Co. to see more photos, its also in my favorite websites list on the side bar. I will be posting photos of our alaska adventures as soon as I can! The internet is pretty slow here so its slow going getting them all uploaded to blogger. Soon, I will get them up!

Hope you all are being encouraged and the Lord is giving you many times of seeing His promises kept.

In Christ,


Victoria / Justice Pirate said...

I want to go see it all!!!!

Sarah said...

That looks like so much fun!

Mia said...

Ah, I can't wait to do another re-enactment soon! I too enjoy teaching folks about the 1860's, it's such a fun way to spend the weekend!