Friday, June 4, 2010

One of my latest projects-Star quilt

Hi everyone!

Busyness is going on around here! My family just finished helping the Brown clan with their first ladies tea and listening to them talk about the reforming of the church and families across America. They came to Washington D.C. as their first stop to tell about what the Lord is doing in churches and families in America. It was an encouraging event tuesday night! Do pray for them as they travel. You can read more about their road trip over here at their website the Family integrated church page.

Remember when I posted here that I was working on a new civil war star reproduction quilt, well today I basted my quilt. I have been working on this quilt for about one month now. Now it is ready to be hand quilted by myself and my sister in time for the Gettysburg 4th of July celebration living history event next month. I pray that the Lord will bless us with another quilt in time.
The top while I was basting it in our living room.

There I am in the corner finishing the last few basting stitches. I used scraps for all the stars and a brown plaid for the boarder as well as a cream reproduction pattern for the squares in between the stars. Cotten batting in the middle, as we did not want to be too hot with wool for July. We will just pile all of our wool blankets on top of the quilts come october at the Ceder Creek living history event. I am so excited to start quilting Lord willing this evening after some more reading for school and baking is done.
God is good! I am so glad to have gotten my first reproduction quilt this far along already!
Off I go to read about the american revolution.
In Christ,


Stephanie Ann said...

This is really beautiful! You're very talented! Your last quilting post inspired me to try quilting myself. I am using the simplest pattern and yet I still can't make everything line up. Yours looks so good.

Atlanta said...

Thank you so much for letting me know about the dresses! I did see them - but I couldn't comment on your sister's blog.

They are so gorgeous! Great inspirations. I just recieved my pattern today - and I'm super excited!!

Hannah Rebekah said...

WOW! That looks so nice. Did it take long?


SinginginHisName said...

thank you gals for your kind, encouraging words!

Stephanie I encourage you to keep trying! It was frustrating for me when I did my first quilt as well! I thought I would never finish or be able to line them up! But my God's grace I have learned how to do simple quilts! you can do it!

Atlanta, that is strange about not being able to comment. My sister told me she has not been publishing anonymous comments. But other than that her comment moderation has been working. Do try again! I know she would love to hear your comments on the dresses! God bless in your dress project as well!

Hannah, it probably took me about 2 weeks to cut out all the triangles and squares, sew up all the blocks and then sew them up to make the top. Its a process and its a lot of work! But the results are wonderful! my least favorite part of quilting is basting all the layers together! I do not like being on my hands and knees for about 2 hours basting! but God helped me through it. I have been having some back problems. So I recommend having helpers to do that! it goes much faster!

Right now I am quilting the top, as its about a double size, it will take me over the course of about one month to hand quilt the top. I am doing about 3-4 squares per day to get it done by the 4th of July.

well have a lovely start of your week ladies! God bless!

Kimmie said...

Oh Rebecca it is beautiful. Wish you could mentor me. Yours is amazingly wonderful. Good job, good jOB!!

mama to 8
one homemade and 7 adopted

silent_librarian said...

What a wonderful work, Rebecca! That is a really good job and all together it looks so amazing. It looks patriotic and old-fashioned, which is probably the point since you are using it for the 4th of July living history event! ;) Hehe! You should be really proud of yourself and all that work spent. Praise God who gives us these abilities to create things such as this. I hope your back gets better so you can finish it up without being in pain.

I also wanted to mention that I am glad to hear about your night with your family and friends. Very encouraging. I will have to check out their website.