Friday, June 25, 2010

Pictures of my life

Hey everyone!

So today I thought I would post some pictures of things around me right now. I had the idea to post a picture of my room in its state before I had cleaned it this evening. Its sort of embarressing, but you can see that I don't always have a clean space. :) My friend Madeline posted a picture of her room untidy. But I believe that her untidy room was much tidier than mine! :) You can judge!

first off!! This is the part of my room I have tidied today and yesterday! I received about 6 new books from friends on the occasion of graduation. I also bought about 15 new books, which are scattered on my bed side table and this shelf. I am so glad of being able to find things! I organized my theology/christian books together, as well as childrens books on the top shelf and and novels. Praise God for organization! Don't worry I have put away all that laundry on the bed and made my bed. I also put my purse on the hook in my closet where my purses go and underneath the purse is my new garment bag for civil war living history! A friend of mine made that bag for me as a grad gift! She is so sweet! I love it! All my gowns will not get wrinkled, smushed, or dirty again! Usually things get on top of them in our trailer when we go to events. Not anymore! hehe And underneath that are some civil war quilts, one done and one in the process. :)

My computer area, dresser and such. Yes its a little messy, but organized. And that basket that is overflowing in the corner are all the sewing projects! Lots of them!

And to top it off the whole mess! I will be posting an after picture tomorrow. I have to clean my room almost every day because of explosions such as this! I am a very clean person and I do clean my room daily after use and before I work on big projects. Cleaning and organizing is a type of calming and destressing tool for me believe it or not! One of my favorite destressing tools is cleaning and scrubbing the bathroom or vacuuming! love them both!
I thought I would also share with you all an outfit I wore last sunday! Its a sweater from england and a dress given to me as a hand-me-down from my sister. And I got new sun glasses! I have never worn glasses this big before! what do you think? I also have bought the best pair of sandals I have ever owned. they are fancy, comfortable for walking all over williamsburg, and casual enough for every day use and goes with most outfits. A+ in my opinion! yes they are gladiator sandals or Bible sandals as a friend of mine calls them! :)
Sweaters are always great! My mom even french braided my hair! I want her to teach me sometime! I need to learn to do it myself. Its on my list!
These sandals are so comfy and I love them! not the best pictures, but it will have to do.
I wanted to share with you all my current reading! I have this whole stack of books on my night stand. I love to read! I have not had as much time! But I have been reading each evening before bed as much as I can! I am loving the new one I bought at the HEAV convention called Ten girls who did not give in! Its so encouraging to read about girls/young women who gave their lives for their savior! It makes me remember to die to self and live for Christ more and more!

Of course Little women is a must! I love it! I am reading it for the second time! Its a book that comforts me. I am reading both Stepping Heavenward and Before you meet prince charming for the second time on both. I read them when I was 13 or 14 and now at 19 I am reading them again. I am also reading 4 new ones to me. I am 3 chapters away from finishing Persuasion and City On A Hill is wonderful so far! I am about half done. When You Rise Up by R.C. Sproul is so uplifting and The Screwtape letters and wonderful as usual by C.S. Lewis. My dad read The Screwtape letters to our family years ago and I am being challenged by the Lord once again by them.

And of course, the book I am always reading is the Bible. I am currently reading James, Proverbs, and Numbers. I always read the psalms or proverbs along with one from the new and old testament. It really helps me see how the old links to the new testament with the prophesies of Jesus our Savior. How wonderful to have the WOrd to read daily!

God bless everyone and have a lovely saturday tomorrow and Sabbath on sunday!

In Christ,



silent_librarian said...

Haha! Your room isn't very messy in my opinion. You should see what a state mine could get in when I let it, though I always clean when it gets too much so I am not a pack rat or anything. :P

Yay for getting tons of new books! Awesome! New books are like Christmas times a hundred for me. Love the feel and the possession of a new book!

Now that you are almost done with Persuasion, what do you think of it?

I *love* The Screwtape letters! I should read it again. The last time I read it I was a teenager. I'm sure I could get much more out of it now.

Your Sunday outfit is very pretty! I'm loving your white English sweater and your Bible sandals. You have such good taste in clothing. ;) As for your sunglasses, I can't really tell what they look like in this image, but they seem very nice. I have a few friends who wear very large sunglasses, and they are always very expressive. Sunglasses can reflect one's personality, for sure. Hehe!

SinginginHisName said...

yes I need to get a better picture of my sun glasses actually on my face! :) I will have to do that sometime this next week.

Thanks Danielle! Also yes its even better than christmas and my birthday getting new books! I love that!

In Christ,

Anonymous said...

I love seeing pictures! Thank you Rebecca =D It looks as if you are really enjoying where God has you right now.


Bonnie said...

Hi Rebecca,
I just saw your comment on my blog and so I thought I would check yours out and i'm really glad I did!

I just brought the screwtape letters at a garage sale a few weeks ago so in reading this it has remined me to read it!

Also I love your outfit! It is modest, feminine and fashionable!

I look forward to reading more!

Kimmie said...

Love your room and your reading list leaves me wishing I had more time to read. really.

mama to 8
one homemade and 7 adopted

SinginginHisName said...

thanks for stopping by Bonnie and kimmie! I love reading both of your blogs when I have the time. They are so encouraging, as I am encouraged by your roles and mothers. It helps me to see how to get ready for being a wife and mother someday.

Yes kimmie my reading list is awefully long! I have not made as much of a dent in it as I would wish. Its been too busy. We just got back from a civil war living history event and I am so tired. But I did read last night. No time to read at the reenactment though. I will have to read some more today after all the other things are done.

In Christ,