Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Sue Gregg Booth, Williamsburg, and graduation

Hello everyone!

Yes I have been absent from blogging for some time now! Life has been crazy, but its been a blessing! I thought I would share with you all to wet your appetite for our summer activities pictures from the HEAV homeschool convention. My sister and I managed the booth for the
suegregg who sells healthy alternative cookbooks. We enjoyed ourselves immensely and learned a lot about her methods of cooking and baking.

Above is a picture of Bethany and I and some of our friends working at the booth. We were way at the back of the convention hall, but we still had a lot of interest. I so enjoyed talking to young boys and girls, young adults, moms and dads, and even grandparents! It was wonderful seeing the older and younger generations all coming together to eat healthfully and learn how!

We had samples of Sue's coffe cake out for people to try and it was a sucess! It did draw a lot of attention, especially from hungry people! I was able to have moms and daughters, single and married ladies helping me at the booth. It was great for me to learn from older and younger christian ladies! what a blessing! I am so glad the Greggs gave myself and my sister and mother the opportunity to go to the Virginia HEAV homeschool convention and share information about the books and healthy eating.
You may be wondering, well that was the 10-12th of June that you did the convention. What have you been doing since then?! Well On the 12th at the convention Bethany and I both graduated from homeschool. We graduated at HEAV along with 298 other graduates! It was great to meet and be with so many other homeschoolers! I am so encouraged every year by the Virginia HEAV homeschool convention. I am always refreshed and in awe of the Lord's workings through other homeschool families. I am was also very encouraged to see new homeschool families coming and families who want to homeschool, but have never done it before and need encouragement! It was so great! Many families from our new church were able to attend the convention and other friends of ours too that are new to homeschooling.

Then we came home saturday night after the graduation and on tuesday we left for Williamsburg, VA to celebrate our graduation with friends and family. It was a wonderful trip! My grandparents gave us a wonderful gift of staying at their time share from tuesday to friday. It was a blessing! So we fellowshipped and toured around Yorktown the first day. Then we did williamsburg for the rest of the time. We even went to a period tavern and had a small ceremony for our friends and my grandfather. My family all shared our testimonies basically and why my sister and I are staying at home instead of going off to college away from home. It was encouraging to hear our friends share their stories of how our family has encouraged them and we have been encouraged by them. It was a great time of sweet fellowship as well singing hymns and praises to our Lord. We had the ceremony behind the hotel on the lawn. While we were singing and praying many people looked out their windows of the hotel at us. It was a great testimony we believe of Jesus Christ. It was great to be able to share the Gospel in that way.

Here are some pictures from our trip!

Here are pictures from the first day when we all met up in Yorktown. This house we all thought was adorable!! I love the turquoise shutters!
All the young gals by the sea!

Moms are in this one too! We had fun on the rocks until a police man pointed out the bent sign that said no fishing or climbing on rocks. lol But we got the pictures just in time! :)

One of the monuments proclaiming the colonies independance from England. Now free states!

Our whole group that went down to help us celebrate! All 19 of us! All of us are homeschoolers of course! :)

The cave below apparently had something to do with the revoluntionary war! We thought it was pretty awesome! Scarey, but great for pictures!

We even went on the docks by the sea and they even had a ship that you could pay and ride! But we did not want to pay the ten dollars, so we had some fun on the docs as they tipped and tottered every which way.

All the gals, we had the guys take the pictures of us of course! we had to remember the moment! :)

Then the next 3 days we went to williamsburg.

Guess where we went on thursday? The textiles and antique clothing exhibit in williamsburg! It was great being able to see all the colonial, romantic, 1800, and other eras of clothing. Here is a dress below! I love the scarves they used in the colonial period.

Another beautiful dress! It was so inspiring for my sister and our friends! We will be doing Lord willing colonial revoluntionary was living history in the fall. So we loved getting ideas for our dresses and under garments!

Gazing at a childs romantic era gown.

All the quilted petticoats from the 18th century! They are all from the colonial period! So much detail! I wanted them all!

Details of the below petticoat under the dress.


Then we had to go more places! So we playing dutch blitz while waiting for the bus!

what time may it be?

The carpenters shop

My favorite part I believe of Williamsburg besides the textiles was seeing the Fife and drum boys play! I love the rythem and the sound of the music! It was great! I even bought a CD of them playing and its been really great getting me motivated to get things done at home! Its upbeat and gives me motivation! :)

The Shoe Makers shop, my mother is quite the photographer! I love the shoes just hanging there! :)

We were able to hear a man interprut and do a living history impression of Patrick Henry! We believe that he did a great accurate interpruatation of this christian fore father. We talked with him afterwards and we believe he is a christian! We was a blessing to hear.

Even they wear period cloths! :)

The gardens were amazing! My sister even bought a lavender plant that is from a mother plant that dates back to the 1770's. We can't wait to plant it in our square foot gardens here at home.

Then on thursday night we had a lovely family ceremony for our graduation behind the hotel as I told you all above. Here is our whole family/friends in Christ. During the ceremony

My dad spoke about how he taught us through homeschooling from the Word/The Bible. He said how that is the foundation of our lives. Loving the Lord and serving Him daily.

Listening to daddy

We each recieved our diplomas a second time and it was a blessing to hear my parents, friends, and my sister and I speak about the Lord bringing our family together and that homeschooling never stops. We will continue to learn from our parents and friends and each other about the Lord our God. We want to be the next generation of christians and we want to Lord willing someday bring up children to love the Lord! The Lord has brought our family together through homeschooling and I am ever thankful to my parents for teaching me to love the Lord with my whole heart! To not love the world and the things in it, but to love the Lord who orchestrates our lives and all things!
May God bless you all and I will try and post more soon!
We had a graduation open house in our backyard last night. So I will be posting pictures from that final celebration soon. We also are getting ready for 4th of July at Gettyburg, PA soon. My grandfather will be leaving tomorrow to go back to Alaska. So its been busy and it will continue to be busy. But the Lord is sovereign and He will get my family through in one peice.
In Christ,


Gabrielle Renee said...

Congratulations on your graduation!! I will be graduating next year....

I LOVE Williamsburg! I've heard Patrick Henry speak three different times, every time it was the same person. I also heard him act the part of Patrick Henry at the Jamestown 400 hosted by Vision Forum. Williamsburg is fun, especially when you dress up. ;) I've done that twice.

In Christ,

Melanie said...

Sounds like it was an absolutely wonderful trip!! It has been one of my dreams to go to Williamsburg, and now Yorktown too! (I'll go on the boat. ;-) )

I like the ladies' restroom sign! ^_^

Oh, and the pictures with you all on those great rocks are beautiful! I would love to go there! Too bad it says not to climb on the rocks. :-S

Ashley Nicole said...

Looks like Gabrielle beat me to telling you about Patrick Henry. =)

I didn't know there was textiles and antique clothing exhibit in Williamsburg! I will have to go there next time I'm at Williamsburg.

Looks like you had fun!


SinginginHisName said...

Hey friends!

Yes Gabrielle Patrick Henry( the reenactor) is an amazing guy and he( the real one) was an amazing guy! It was a treat to be encouraged by him! Thanks for the well wishes too!

melanie! yes I loved the restroom sign too! A few friends of mine and my sister and mother saw it as we all went in! I had to get a picture! Its such a blessing to be able to have gone for the second time to Williamsburg! We only live about 3 hours away! If you come to visit you should go with us! that would be so lovely!

Oh and we did not even see the sign for the rocks! lol Yes too bad its off limits!

Ashley the clothing exhibit is only open certain days, when we were there it was only open for a few hours on thursday. So you will have to check what times its open if and when you go. It was great though! I will have to do a seperate post of more of those loverlies we saw!!! :)

God bless gals and I love hearing from you all!

silent_librarian said...

Wonderful! Congratulations on graduating too! I loved reading this because it is full of encouragement and beautiful things. ;) I love, in a way, sharing the experience you had through your blog. I can see things I have never done or experienced, like looking at colonial clothing or visiting Williamsburg or going to a homeschooling convention. I would love to visit places in the East and see a whole other part of America. Alas, traveling is difficult. Hehe! I would have loved to have heard the Patrick Henry guy reenact too! Patrick Henry's give me liberty or give me death speech is one of my favorites. Not only because it is extremely stirring and passionate, but because I see that it can apply to our Christian living as well. The part about how men cry out that there is peace, but there is none. That they would rather be in the bonds of slavery if it means comfort and peace. This is so applicable to the Church today!

Anyway, it is good to hear about everything that has happened. The Lord has blessed you and your family greatly!

SinginginHisName said...

Danielle I am so glad you enjoy seeing photos and pictures from my life! There are so many parts of the western part of the U.S. I have yet to see too! I want to see more of that! But the east coast is great being filled with history of our founding fathers!

Yes Patrick henry is so encouraging! His Give me liberty or give me death speech is so stirring! As you described it that is exactly how I want to see young men these days! Being on fire for the Lord and wanting to share their faith. I am so privledged to have a dad who is and friends who are guys who are also! Not that many, but I am glad to know the ones I do know! so encouraging!

I am glad my blog is an encouragement to you! that is my prayer for my blog! To be a place where other christian young ladies can be encouraged in their walks with their Saviors! Amen to that!

In Christ,