Saturday, November 3, 2012

Vintage Style Weekend Part 2

Hi Ya'll!

My family and I recently went to Pennsylvania to the Strasburg Railroad and Train Museum. We had a grand time riding the train and walking through the museum. It also happened to be the same day as thier annual World War 2 reenactment called the Trains and Troops event. I was ex-tactic when I found this out!!!! :) Apparently this event is held every year the first weekend in November. I definitely plan on attending again next year decked out in 40's attire. I did not bring my homemade 40's swing dress to wear, but I was wearing an 80's dress that mimicked the 40's silhouette  So that was good and exciting to look a little bit the part. :)

Troops and civilians alike walked around the museum and rode on the trains in real authentic steam engine locomotives. 

Inside the museum there were various reenacting groups set up with different jeeps and period weapons/40's everyday items like radio's and wearing authentic uniforms and civilian attire. 

One of the many steam engines in the museum.

Women talking about different scarves,masks, and hats made for te troops during the war. 

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I really loved this picture of a woman doing her bit for the war effort to support the troops even though she is back in the USA.

They even had this period radio above playing swing music! It made me want to start dancing with my imaginary guy friends. ;)

All of the period gloves, hat, masks, and scarves ladies made during the war. 

I loved all the antique luggage. It makes me happy for some reason! :)

 I did not even notice the guy standing there behind the door of this jeep when I took this. ;) That is funny.

They had uniforms, weapons, and other memorabilia for different wars, such as Vietnam, Korea, and Desert Shield Desert Storm, and World War 2.

Above you can see a uniform display for Desert Shield Desert Storm, which was occurring the year I was born and my Daddy was doing his duty overseas in that war. He was able to come home and be with my Mom when I was born, but then he had to go back right away. I am thankful for his service to his country and to the many men and women who have done the same. They all have a special place in my heart and life and I will always have the utmost respect for the military.

A Veteran above is telling these children about his service during the war. I guess I should have gone up to him and asked him about his table. I was very glad he was there telling the next generation about his life though.

There were World war 2 and even Civil War reenactors inside the museum telling about the different wars. It was fascinating to be on the other side of things as a spectator and not a reenactor. :) I loved it! But I miss being on the other side of the fence as a reenactor, next month I will be reenacting again. I can't wait!

We were able to walk on the walkway above the museum and see everything from up top. It was a cool perspective for pictures.

I talked with one of these lovely ladies from the Paper Dolls Womens Unit. I am excited to contact them and maybe start doing ladies world war 2 events. I am so so excited! I still can't believe it was by providence we happened to be in town the same weekend of the World War 2 event. I squealed with glee when I found out! :)

Last but not least, a group came to the event with a tractor trailer that they have turned into a woman's 1940's city apartment on wheels. So they had a little kitchen, bed room, bath room, and parlor all set up like in the 40's. It was pretty amazing! I loved meeting the women from the group and talking with them as well. I met Elisabeth below after she stopped me and introduced herself in the museum. She said she has been a reader for a while and recognized me from my blog. It made my day for sure! :) A shout out to you Elisabeth for being brave and starting the conversation. I definitely wanted to talk to you and your friends and I am so glad I got to. :)
Elisabeth showing her new Edwardian/pre hobble skirt she had just gotten from a friend. She was dressed in 40's attired for the reenactment though. I love her fur collared blue coat and awesome shoes!

God bless and have a lovely Sunday everyone!
Rebecca Ann

Oh and a side note, fine if you don't like me anymore or don't want to read my blog because of this picture, but hey I like it. :)


Elisabeth said...

It was fantastic to meet you today and I am SO glad that you enjoyed your time at Troops & Trains! It was such a bless to chat with you and I very much hope to see you again!

Elisabeth said...
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Rebecca Ann said...

Yes it was awesome to meet you too Elisabeth! Thanks for getting the courage up to stop me and say hi. :) God bless!